CommerceIQ Extends a Helping Hand to Brands Struggling with COVID-19 Demand Shocks With $1M in Ecommerce Services

    Jimit Director of ABM
    May 11, 2020
    CommerceIQ Extends a Helping Hand to Brands Struggling with COVID-19 Demand Shocks With $1M in Ecommerce Services

    On the heels of its first quarter earnings, Amazon reported that its online sales soared 24%— the fastest pace in four years. First-party sales increased at more than twice the rate of Q1 2019, and all of this growth occurred despite only part of the quarter being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

    For brands that sell on Amazon, this record increase leads to many questions. How long will the demand shocks caused by the coronavirus disrupt my sales on Amazon? How much money am I losing because of out-of-stock (OOS) products? Am I wasting advertising and promotional spend on OOS and low-inventory products? How can I plan for long-term growth?

    CommerceIQ Growth Navigator is a 90-day fully managed service that immediately helps you manage unprecedented demand spikes occurring today because of the coronavirus, and prepares brands for success in the long-term. It gives brands full access to the CommerceIQ automation platform and pairs you with a dedicated Amazon expert from the CommerceIQ Customer Success Team. 

    Let Us Help You

    In these busy times, we know there aren’t enough hours in the day to try anything new. And, the hassle of coordinating with procurement can be an additional roadblock. So, for a limited period, CommerceIQ is offering the entire 90-day engagement, worth $100,000, for free to the first 10 brands who sign up. You’re under no obligation to continue with us at the end of the engagement, and, in the meantime, you’ll get accurate, effective recommendations, insights and forecasts. Simply give us read access to your AMS and AVC accounts and we’ll take care of the rest. 

    The CommerceIQ platform

    The CommerceIQ platform, with its innovative use of automation and machine learning, gives you detailed analyses of your data and specific recommendations for maximizing sales. Repetitive tasks such as forecasting, paid keyword selection and bidding can all be automated. You’ll also have a single source of truth for all your teams, including Marketing, Sales and Operations. Everyone will be working from the same dataset, but that data will be tailored to fit each team’s particular needs. 

    Your Amazon expert

    Your Amazon expert will be with you for the duration of the engagement and will make sure you get the most from the CommerceIQ platform. You’ll receive training, regularly scheduled meetings, personalized reports and guidance from someone who knows how to win on Amazon.

    The Growth Navigator Timeline

    With Growth Navigator, you start receiving high-value, actionable recommendations within 2 weeks, and a strategic opportunity assessment at 30 days. Here’s the timeline for the first 29 days.

    Growth Navigator timeline

    Here’s a brief breakdown.

    Day 0. Your dedicated Amazon expert will begin training, you’ll set goals, and you’ll get a playbook tailored to your needs.

    Day 1. You’ll receive a plan and the CommerceIQ platform will begin gathering data.

    Day7. Stand-up meetings begin today. You’ll get the first of a series of reports that forecast eros by ASIN. Your Amazon expert will help you plan various strategies.

    Day 14. Starting this week, you’ll receive an ASIN-level forecast and get recommendations for AMS and other promotions. You’ll also start receiving alerts about issues such as OOS items and problems with 3P vendors.

    Day 21. You’ll get the same deliverables as the previous week as well as expanded keyword harvesting and content optimization strategies.

    Day 28. You’ll get a summary of recommendations and actions. You’ll work with your Amazon expert to plan the next four weeks.

    CommerceIQ is convinced that Growth Navigator will help you take control of your Amazon business during these unpredictable times. If you’d like more detailed information, download the data sheet or email us now at to schedule a demo.

    Jimit Director of ABM


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