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    May 25, 2023

    Keep ahead with our monthly industry trends, podcast, webinars, and insights-packed articles, and industry news picklist ( Amazon Prime Day is only two months away 😱)

    📊 Industry Trends US: Chart of the Month

    Each month we highlight the ecommerce retail trends across supply chain, sales and operations, and retail media. This month, we see Ordered Product Sales on Amazon have stalled at 0% growth on average for 1P brands. Brands that pivoted from growth to efficiency stand to do well during the current economic climate.

    🎧 Listen to The Digital Shelf Cast podcast

    Tune in as Cristina Marinucci, Global Head of Shopper – Insights & Analytics at Mondelēz International explores what brands should focus on in order to lead their categories in 2023.

    👨‍🎓 Learn Ecomm Management with Brooke Black

    Watch Brooke Black and learn how you can upgrade your retail ecommerce management business with automation and a single source of truth.

    📲 How to drive more online impulse buying

    Why is online impulse buying so hard to crack? We’ve summarized the key actions for consumer brands looking to recreate the impulse buying behaviors on the digital shelf.

    👋 Book a demo

    Book a demo and see why global brands trust CommerceIQ to manage and grow their retail ecommerce businesses across Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and 800+ retailers in 43+ countries.


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