My First 30 Days at CommerceIQ

    November 11, 2021
    My First 30 Days at CommerceIQ
    By Anant Mathur

    “You are the youngest intern to join CommerceIQ, welcome aboard!” These words felt like music to my ears, and, at the same time, they filled me with excitement for what the future at CIQ held for me.

    I am Anant Mathur, a Software Development Engineer (SDE) intern at CommerceIQ. First, let me give you a little background. You might call me a geek, but I’m not ashamed to say there have been days when coding has been my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am driven by the hope of finding practical solutions to real-world problems all while sitting behind a computer screen. 

    I have just completed my first 100 days at CIQ. To say that the journey has been enriching in every way would be an understatement. Yet during this time, the first 30 days were especially important to me as they encapsulated the initial experience when I gauged my place within the organization. What follows is a review of this formative time.

    As I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed one day, I stumbled across CommerceIQ. I promptly Googled the company name and was amazed as I learned more about the company’s culture, ambition, and future growth opportunity. 

    As soon as I cleared the interviews and signed an offer letter, I received my welcome kit alongside a Macbook and other accessories. CommerceIQ is set apart from the competition by many generous perks and features which include having excellent pay, project ownership and autonomy, helpful colleagues, weekly coupons from Swiggy (my favorite food delivery service!), access to online engineering courses from Frontend Masters, and a Coursera catalog to polish our skills, amongst many other perks. At CIQ, I have been given the chance to do meaningful and exciting work rather than just be burdened with monotonous tasks like interns are at other organizations. My manager, mentors, and peers made my onboarding very smooth and personalized so that I settled in quickly and felt right at home.

    CIQ has a strong sense of inclusivity that greatly appeals to me. Even though I am an intern, whatever ideas I have are fully heard, debated, and implemented if found valuable. Even though it is a remote internship, I belong to this place. The company has regular two-way feedback sessions where I have the opportunity to ascertain my contribution to the project and put forth my suggestions. It is a free environment where I don’t feel any fear of speaking my mind for the betterment of the company.

    During those initial days, I was able to spend time improving myself. I polished my VueJs skills, learned about data warehouses, and became more familiar with Snowflake and AWS functions. I still remember that feeling of pride when my first pull request was successfully approved and merged into the codebase!

    My first big project at CIQ involved working on the front-end of the regional availability dashboard that tracks top ASINs across major zip codes on Amazon Fresh. The feature helps clients save millions of dollars in revenue, and I was included in all engineering-related discussions even though I was an intern, both before and during the sprint. I thoroughly enjoyed the daily scrums, brainstorming sessions, and constant feedback throughout the development process. Not only did I start contributing to the project as soon as possible, but I also had the necessary support to enable my success as my mentor provided assistance whenever I got stuck.

    The feature’s release filled me with a sense of accomplishment. I was elated when our manager took pains to credit all the people associated with the project, including me! After the launch, I continued to clear all the tech debt left behind and continuously improve the code. I was also asked to refactor multiple core UI components which were used at many places throughout the project. The work was stimulating. I was forced to think out of the box and given ownership to develop efficient solutions which were then thoroughly analyzed by the larger team before implementation.

    Currently, I am working on building our CommerceIQ for Sales product for Walmart which has posed entirely new sets of complex challenges that keep me learning new things daily. At CommerceIQ I have been given the opportunity to grow both as an engineer and as a person.  
    I recommend that every eligible individual strongly consider applying at CommerceIQ so that they can experience working at a stable, proven startup with a good work-life balance and no shortage of optimism. At its core, CommerceIQ is a place where people can put their skills to work solving a vast array of very interesting problems. To succeed here, don’t be scared of the problems you encounter. Instead, recognize the powerful impact you can have by solving them. That mindset has brought me this far, and I can’t wait to see where CIQ will go next.


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