“Quick-6” Takeaways from Amazon AdCon 2020

    October 6, 2020
    “Quick-6” Takeaways from Amazon AdCon 2020

    Samir Bhavnani, Partnership Development @ CommerceIQ




    Just about a year ago, Amazon held its first big advertising conference. Roughly 400 people visited the Emerald City in Seattle for a two-day invitation only event. It was a coming out party of sorts to show that Amazon’s advertising business was out of infancy and ready to stand on its own. This year, Amazon AdCon 2020 proved they have become a force to be reckoned with.

    Unlike last year’s event, this year’s event was remote and held over two half-days, just in time for Prime Day on Oct 13 & 14, 2020. And, as a newly minted Amazon Advertising Partner, I was excited to check out the action-packed agenda.

    I was not dissapointed. The sessions I attended were highly educational and well-worth seeing. For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend, below are my “Quick-6 Takeaways”:

    1. Embrace change; Play the long game – To drive business growth, brands need to understand ecommerce advertising is not a flash in the pan. 
    2. Advertisers require more frequent and more detailed reporting – things change daily, or hourly. So, a rear-view monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meeting is no longer sufficient. Brands need a single source of truth teams can access 24/7.
    3. Test. Learn. Rinse. Repeat. Try New Things. The mindset of experimentation is paramount as Amazon is constantly introducing new advertising products. 
    4. Use insights to uncover opportunities. Advertisers have to play offense and defense to win the game. Winning in the algorithmic world of ecommerce advertising takes machine learning and automation to handle the scale and velocity of a marketplace like Amazon.
    5. OTT isn’t expensive anymore. Hefty television budgets and Don Draper’s Kodak Carousel is obsolete and now available at a far cheaper investment with messages that reach the specific audiences advertisers want to reach.
    6. Spend time learning about Amazon’s various advertising capabilities. ICYMI, Amazon put together one of the greatest online (and free) resources for anyone to get educated on things like sponsored ads, DSP, attribution, stores, etc.

    If you get an opportunity to attend next year’s AdCon, I highly recommend going. For me, it was an incredibly educational event that I will be sure to participate in next year.  Fingers crossed we’ll all be attending AdCon 2021 in person! 


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