Retail Media Comes Together with CIQ Advertising for Criteo

    Jimit Director of ABM
    August 25, 2021
    Retail media is the new “It Girl” of e-commerce, with consumer brands investing 1 in 8 ad dollars on impressions for e-commerce properties, according to eMarketer. It’s a given that a large percentage of these dollars will go towards Amazon, while the remaining budget gets divided up across multiple retail sites. The shift towards omnichannel is fast and furious. The more fragmented spending becomes, the greater the problem this presents for brands tasked with managing each investment. 

    In April, we took the first step towards helping consumer brands adjust to the explosion of omnichannel when we announced CommerceIQ Expands E-commerce Channel Optimization Beyond Amazon For Full Coverage of All Major Online Retailers. Today, we’re excited to take an even bigger leap into omnichannel with the availability of CIQ Advertising for Criteo. This new solution extends our retail-aware advertising engine that we perfected on Amazon to an even broader group of trusted retailers in the Criteo Retail Media ecosystem.

    For months, we’ve been listening to customers tell us, “If only we had a way to optimize our non-Amazon ad spend like we do on Amazon.” The wait is over. CIQ Advertising for Criteo delivers deeply integrated visibility into all retailers and marketplaces from one dashboard without the hassle of jumping from Criteo’s platform to Amazon’s platform. 

    Criteo has consistently been ranked the #1 independent ad tech player in the market, supporting 14 retail sites and marketplaces, and given the vastness of that ecosystem, we also developed a special new feature for this integration called Search Rank Index (SRI). SRI tracks the search ranking of individual SKUs on important keywords in real-time and automatically adjusts bids accordingly, boosted by Criteo’s AI-powered personalization. Say goodbye to the old days of bidding on a stale list of pre-specified keywords. And, say hello to translating omnichannel search and display advertising dollars into profitable and sustained market share growth. 

    For more tips and best practices in e-commerce advertising, check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Mastering E-commerce Channel Optimization.

    Best of all, every CIQ Advertising for Criteo customer receives the power of CommerceIQ’s platform that ties together multiple functions – sales, advertising, supply chain operations – and drives large-scale automated decision-making across their entire e-commerce operations. The core platform, trusted for years by brands like Georgia Pacific and Kellogg’s, leverages a single source of truth that connects different data sets and generates insights and recommendations that feed AI-led automations. For omnichannel sellers, this is a must-have capability when dealing with the dynamic nature of e-commerce across multiple retailers.

    The challenge of understanding how to drive incremental and profitable sales for each siloed retailer and marketplace can be a complex time-consuming task. CIQ Advertising gives marketers and e-commerce teams one single pane of glass view to manage their entire media budget. Here’s what one customer had to say:

    “CommerceIQ’s integration with the Criteo API enhances the strategic value of their solution beyond Amazon to other omnichannel retailers. Leveraging CIQ’s platform in additional online marketplaces gives us an edge in maximizing our retail media investments to grow discoverability, drive incremental revenue and contribution margin.” — Leonard Glick, Head of E-commerce Marketing & Business Intelligence at Spectrum Brands, Inc.

    With CIQ Advertising for Criteo, CommerceIQ is extending our omnichannel capabilities in a significant way and continuing to execute on our commitment to helping brands optimize the entire e-commerce flywheel from sales to supply chain operations and advertising. To learn more, request a demo today!

    Jimit Director of ABM


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