Shopper Trends: Looking Forward to Cyber5

    November 23, 2021

    Here at CommerceIQ, we have a veritable treasure chest of data and interesting insights just waiting to be uncovered. It’s fascinating to look at seasonal terms on Amazon during the holidays — not just to see what the latest shopping trends are, but also to get insight into the general zeitgeist. We had such a good time looking at seasonal terms on Amazon for Halloween that we did it again for the holiday season. 

    November Trends Based on the Top 1% Search Terms

    1. Holiday shopping has begun, but there is more interest in decorations than gifts.
    2. Yellowstone is the new Squid Game.
    3. When it comes to prepping for the season, it’s all about sweaters.
    4. The FusionBrands Shred Machine. How much meat can one nation actually shred?
    5. Alabama NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has a huge fan base 😉 
    6. Oprah has been off the air for more than a decade, but people still seek her advice on gifts
    7. People really do use the holiday gift list, go figure! They are clicking through to the list itself rather than buying from search. There are lots of searches for the gift lists, but below-average conversion. 

    Highest-Frequency Terms with Big Jumps in Frequency in November vs. Q2 2021

    Biggest Frequency Jumps in High-Frequency Terms, November vs. Q2 2021

    Seasonal Trends to Come 

    December is crunch time. Those who haven’t had the opportunity to finish their holiday shopping — or were waiting for the perfect sale price that never arrived — will need to speed up their gift buying. This is to be expected! So we anticipate next month’s consumer behavior to be similar to December 2020. Interest will shift to “fast shipping,” “last-minute gifts” and “gift cards.” 

    These are important search terms and marketing opportunities for brands to take advantage of. Those who aren’t ready or can’t move quickly enough to capitalize on this large market will lose to their more-prepared competitors.

    Year-over-year Trends 

    In looking at search term frequency this year versus last year, we are seeing much more interest in Black Friday deals, as well as in early deals. This interest is more general, however, than in the past. There is less focus on toy-specific deals and electronics-specific deals, both overall and more specifically for items like TVs and laptops.

    Black Friday-Related Terms 2021 vs 2020

    When it comes to product-specific searches, consumers are on the hunt for comfortable clothing (tunic tops, maxi dresses and shackets) and in-home pleasures, from bedroom gadgets (the Rose Toy) to kitchen appliances (air fryers and meat shredders) that spark joy. Fidget toys, like the in-demand Pop It, remain popular items. Brands that show up in high-frequency terms include North Face, Hoka, Calvin Klein, Under Armour and Converse.

    What do these trends mean for your business? 

    • If you aren’t lucky enough to land on Oprah’s gift list, you need to make moves to grow your Share of Voice (SOV). This means both increasing your organic search rankings and ensuring efficient ad spend to maximize impressions and clicks. 
    • Small adjustments can yield big results when it comes to improving SOV. Use machine-learning algorithms and automations to make fast, intraday decisions that optimize your ad spend.
    • Brands that are nimble enough to adapt can capitalize on trends, whether its seasonal keywords, such as those used most frequently in December, or unexpected fads and pop culture crazes, which have a powerful effect on shopper behaviors. 

    Stay tuned for more holiday insights. We’ll be sharing a post-Cyber5 report on daily performance results. In the meantime, take steps to increase your SOV. CommerceIQ generates real-time insights and recommendations for optimizing advertising spend based on a holistic understanding of the digital shelf. Learn how our algorithmic platform integrates sales, marketing, and supply chain operations to enable brands to make faster, more accurate decision-making. Request a demo today.

    See Amazon’s currently holiday deals. (Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


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