Snack Bar Brands Holding Steady for Organic Share of Voice on Amazon

    Jimit Director of ABM
    January 8, 2018
    Snack Bar Brands Holding Steady for Organic Share of Voice on Amazon

    During the past year, the top 4 brands in Amazon’s Snack Food Bars category have consistently held their respective positions month-over-month for organic share of voice. KIND is clearly a category leader with a share 40% higher than its nearest competitor, Clif. Nature Valley and Quaker are slotted quite a bit below these leading brands.

    This analysis focuses on organic share of voice for the top keywords in Amazon’s Snack Food Bar L3 category. It’s intended to highlight brand trends at the category level. {{cta(‘440e7491-9382-4979-8328-b9d195f4f7bb’)}} for an in-depth look at how your brand can deploy AI and automation to keep pace with Amazon’s algorithms and drive performance for your organic share of voice, Amazon advertising, pressure from 3Ps, and availability issues.


    KIND’s organic share of voice has been fairly stable around 14% through the year. Clif and Quaker’s trend lines are showing declines, but because they’ve slid less than 15%, and look to be finishing the year strong, we won’t raise any red flags. The one exception here among the top players is General Mill’s Nature Valley brand. It’s showing a steady degradation amounting to a 30% decline in organic share of voice over the course of the year. It now appears on the verge of potentially losing it’s #3 spot to Pepsico’s Quaker brand.

    Snack Bars Organic Share of Voice

    At the lower end of the category we see Hershey’s, Quest, Pure Protein and That’s It battling for organic share of voice. That’s not to say they aren’t significant players though. 26 brands reached at least 1% organic share during at least one month during the year, so elevating above those brands is no minor accomplishment. As you can see, snack food bars category has a significant “long tail”, as do most Amazon categories.

    Brands That Tumbled.

    Brands That Elevated.

    Image result for larabar logo png Image result for that's it logo png
    General Mill’s Larabar brand dropped from the #3 slot to #11 during the course of the year. Hence Larabar dropped off our chart. From a high of almost 6% organic share of voice down to its current 2%, Larabar is likely seeing a measurable impact on sales. That’s it experienced a significant jump in organic share of voice this year, taking it from the #14 to #8 position. This played out as a gain in organic share of voice from about 1.9% to its current 2.4%. While still positioned in the “long-tail, the brand is trending in the right direction.
    Jimit Director of ABM


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