The Amazon Big Event Punchlist

    October 9, 2020
    The Amazon Big Event Punchlist

    Holiday shopping events are going to be hectic for brands this year. Most will be flooding Amazon with ads starting in October. How can you maximize your Amazon business?

    Things to watch out for:

    1. Promo Eligibility (i.e. promo won’t run if)
      • Price drops below promo price
      • Inventory drops below projected units needed to fulfill promo
      • Promo ASINs CRaP out
      • You lose Buybox during promo
    2. Advertising
      • Ads will not run if you are OOS, lose buybox, or run out of daily budget
      • CPCs will begin to increase 1-2 weeks before Prime Day and Cyber 5, and will increase at least 2x, so plan budgets accordingly
    3. Suppressions
      • Private label manufacturers and 3P sellers will attack ASINs with falsified customer complaints to cause suppressions on key competitive ASINs


    1. 30 Days Before
      • Confirm promos and budgets approved
      • Start checking prices on promo items daily
    2. 21 Days Before
      • Confirm forecast, stock levels and delivery appointments
      • Dial in content and variations
      • Complete creation of holiday ad campaigns with day-parting schedules
    3. 14 Days Before (Monitor Daily)
      • Start Daily Scrums
      • Out of Stocks and Predicted Out of Stocks
      • Content Changes and Broken Variations
      • Changes in Retailer Margin and Predicted CRaP
      • Price Change – did any deal ASIN fall below the deal price?
      • Suppressed ASINs
      • Lost Buybox
      • Received units and Problems in Receiving
      • Ad Campaigns going out of budget before EOD
      • 3P variants added to detail pages
      • 3P Duplicate products with Page 1 presence
      • Organic Share of to be discounted and hero products
    4. During Event (be prepared to execute immediately)
      • Change Ad bid maximums mid-day
      • Replace price-compressed, out of stock, suppressed, and Lost Buy Box  ASINs with alternates in Advertising
      • Identify and ticket 3P Variants on key detail pages
      • Identify and ticket 3P Duplicate ASINs with page 1 presence
      • Identify and ticket changes in Content and Variations
      • Identify
      • Identify and ticket Suppressed ASINs
      • Identify and target Competitor out of stock products

    So yes, this is a lot to monitor. How much you say? For a brand with an active catalog of +200 ASINs,  a team of 10 people working 12 hour days would need to make 2 decisions a minute to keep up with and optimize the brand’s Amazon business. This is one of the reasons why CommerceIQ has been adopted by leading consumer brands accounting to manage billions of dollars in ecommerce sales and marketing spend. Brands like Avery Products, Georgia-Pacific, Spectrum Brands and 3 of the top-5 Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Companies in the U.S use CommerceIQ’s machine-based commerce technology and business processes, which are purpose-built to tune ecommerce algorithms, collaborate and share data-driven insights in real-time in response to changing variables across hundreds of products. Learn more.


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