Your Weekly Amazon Best Practices Punch List

    Jimit Director of ABM
    September 16, 2019
    Your Weekly Amazon Best Practices Punch List

    Amazon is a fast moving machine making near real-time decisions on pricing, promotions and numerous other variables. Do you find your team is frequently on its back foot? Here are 7 weekly tasks your team can tackle that have helped over 500+ leading consumer brands grow sales and share profitably on Amazon.


    #1 Weekly product review deep dive.

    Once a week, it’s a good idea to bring your cross-functional team together to go over priorities. This helps you identify which of your products have issues and to manage your Amazon business holistically.

    #2 Send your opportunity to buy numbers to Amazon every Friday.

    At the end of the business week, give Amazon strategic vendor services or your Amazon vendor manager a report on products they should restock.

    #3 Check competitor promos.

    See what promos the competition is running on which ASINs and assess whether or not to match. Flag the ASINs your competition are not running promos on and consider launching your own to take advantage of the quiet period. Use these to adjust your internal forecasts.

    #4 3P organic growth.

    Assess your offerings compared to other authorized sellers, and see if it makes sense to expand your own selection.

    #5 Organic growth analysis.

    Again, assess your own product offering. Could variations help you optimize sales on other ASINs? See if you have opportunities for different bundles, optimizing SEO, etc.

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    Jimit Director of ABM


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