Amazon launches ‘Rapid Retail Analytics’

    July 6, 2023

    What is Rapid Retail Analytics?

    Rapid Retail Analytics offers vendors a real-time view of sales, traffic, and inventory data via API in order to track performance against those metrics throughout the day.

    Why Does RRA Matter?

    • Typically, Vendor Central retail analytics data updates with a 2-day lag. With RRA, brands can access hourly sales/traffic/inventory data in order to optimize their assortment and visibility in near real-time during tentpole events like #PrimeDay to hit targets.


    1 + 1 = 3 w/ Amazon Marketing Stream & Rapid Retail Analytics

    • 👉 Last year, Amazon launched Marketing Stream – a similar hourly API data stream, but for advertising metrics (ad traffic/conversion/spend/etc). With the combination of both Marketing Stream and RRA, brands will now be able to view hourly trends of sales and traffic metrics against media performance (think real-time budget allocation based on inventory, increasing paid traffic during periods sales are slow, etc.)


    Any pitfalls for brands?

    • While data is power, data also needs to be actionable. Similar to AMC, this should not just be a dashboarding exercise. If you are going to invest time and energy with RRA, make sure you have a POA to utilize the insights gained
    • Actioning on real-time data in real time is hard. Things break. BUT… flexing these muscles now will pay dividends in the future




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