Infographic: Boost Your Amazon Profit

    August 10, 2022
    how much amazon profit brands lose on Amazon shortages and Amazon chargebacks

    Spend less time submitting disputes and recover even more Amazon profit

    Reducing and disputing Amazon chargebacks and shortages claims on Amazon Vendor Central can not only be confusing and frustrating, it can impact your Amazon profitability. Especially knowing you could be making 1 to 5% more revenue on sales for no fault of your own. In fact, a hypothetical brand that does $50M in cost of goods sold (COGS), will lose out on $4M in avoidable Amazon shortage and chargebacks. 

    This infographic will walk you through the brass tacks of the potential impact to Amazon profit these deductions cause. More so,  how the options for resolving these have varying degrees of impact on your gross sales. Whether you take no action, trust in vendor-specific tools like Amazon Smart Match, or combat these manually–there’s a lot at stake.

    Learn more about your options by taking a look at the ecommerce infographic, which covers:

    • How much Amazon profit you could be leaving on the table
    • The solutions you have for combating these fees and fines
    • How one company recovered nearly $2M in just 90 days


    Access the infographic now!


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