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Ecommerce channels became game-changers for consumer electronics brand manufacturers, thanks to their enablement of the promotion and distribution of products directly to consumers at scale. Are you making the most out of this opportunity? The real-time challenges associated with ecommerce need a real-time response.

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What value can CommerceIQ bring to your electronics brand?

Neutralize revenue leakage and channel conflicts stemming from the competition from unauthorized third-party (3P) sellers.

Avoid wasting advertising spend by monitoring trends in consumer shopping behavior.

Identify and resolve common problems in retail media and win at the moment of purchase.

Electronics Omnichannel ecommerce Capabilities

Take charge of third-party sellers

Remove 3P variants

Optimize ad spend

Streamline your supply chain management

Receive timely insights

  • Consumer electronics is ripe for exploitation by unauthorized and rogue 3P sellers wanting to take a big bite out of your brand’s revenue pie.
  • Deep category scanning and sophisticated ML-based models allow for accurate identification of 3P abusers.
  • CommerceIQ tracks 3P listings and duplicates and sends tickets for resolution. This means significant time-savings and, more importantly, significant  revenue recovery.

Automate 3P resolution

Take charge of third-party sellers
  • When unauthorized sellers add 3P variants to product detail pages, your sales can go to 3P variants instead of your own. 
  • Avoid revenue leakage, brand confusion, and waste of advertising spend. 
  • CIQ rapidly detects 3P variants and files automated workflows to Amazon and other ecommerce channels to have these variations removed on a daily basis.

Remove 3P offenders

Remove 3P variants
  • Adjust your bids for the associated keywords on specific days of the week or in times of seasonal demand peaks.
  • Take advantage of competitor weakness – or what’s known as competitor conquesting, placing your products in “sponsored products related to this item” when the competitor is out of stock.
  • CIQ collects thousands of market signals and data points to create a single source of truth. Then, it automatically optimizes advertising spend across high-margin products at the given time and capitalizes on competitive brands that are out of stock.

Optimize ad campaigns

Optimize ad spend
  • Remove complex, paper-based, error-prone manual tasks from your electronics supply chain operations.
  • Avoid shipping delays, purchase order errors, and out-of-stock item penalties that can significantly impact your bottom line and online visibility.
  • Leverage the power of AI to reduce revenue loss and optimize your supply chain operations.

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Streamline your supply chain management
  • Monitor, analyze, and react to what’s happening on your electronics  digital shelf in real-time. 
  • Let AI collect and analyze your ecommerce data and provide actionable insights into your ecommerce vitals so you can take instant action.
  • Stay on top of your ordered product sales, revenue, and profits.

Use better analytics

Receive timely insights with digital shelf analytics

Case Studies

Recovered $756,439 in Revenue in a 12-Month Period

  • Prevented $1.115 million in annual revenue leakage.
  • Reduced time taken to diagnose and resolve issues by 50%.

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Increased Top-3 Organic SOV by 75%

  • Prevented $108,000 in revenue leakage.
  • Recaptured 2% of total annual sales with a 53% increase in glance views.

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