64(ish) days till Prime Day… are you actually ready?

    May 8, 2023

    There are 64(ish) Days till Amazon Prime Day… are you ready?

    While no formal announcement has been made, experts predict that Amazon Prime Day will happen mid-July, likely the 11th or 12th of that month.

    To help you prepare for Amazon Prime Day, we are introducing the CommerceIQ Category Leaderboard to help you answer three important questions:

    1. How am I performing tactically relative to competing brands within the key dimensions of Share of Voice, Assortment, Customer Sentiment, Availability, and Brand Strength?
    2. What is working for my competitors that I need to better understand to optimize my strategy?
    3. What are opportunities for growth I haven’t yet capitalized on?

    2,200+ brands who use CommerceIQ already have access to these answers and we want to give it to you for free today.

    You can see a report our team recently published on how Crest is dominating on Brand Strength in the Oral Care category as an example.

    We can answer all those questions for you in 30 to 50 minutes of your time.

    Reply to this email or click the button below to book your Prime Preparedness Session with our team.


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