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    August 30, 2022

    This Month’s Retail Ecommerce

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    New, limited time offer! Consolidate and Save 20/20 Plan

    Just in time to help with your budget and margin pressures, you can consolidate multiple ecommerce point products to save 20% on the total cost of ownership (TCO) on your retail ecommerce tech stack and gain an incremental 20% lift in sales plus profitability. With the CommerceIQ all-in-one Retail Ecommerce Management Platform you can now streamline operations, simplify reporting, and automate your team’s tedious tasks.


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    Webinar Alert: Align with the Fast-changing

    State of Retail Ecommerce

    Amid high inflation, rising rates, supply chain struggles, and consumer uncertainty, the latter half of 2022 is sending confusing signals on the health of the economy and where brands should invest in retail ecommerce to succeed in the future.

    Join us for this webinar at 2 pm EST/11 am PST on September 14 as we unpack the state of the economy and retail ecommerce in Q3 2022 so you can learn how to best position your brand for success during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

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    Impact of Amazon’s new Retail Analytics Dashboards (ARA 2.0)

    At the end of June, Amazon announced an update to the Retail Analytics dashboard and released new supporting APIs across all regions. Amazon alerted CommerceIQ that they will start retiring the existing Retail Analytics UI by August 31. Within the coming weeks, the CommerceIQ platform will switch over to this new data, and our teams are working diligently to ensure a minimally disruptive transition for our customers.

    The new dashboards will exhibit several changes across data, metrics, and reports offered. Get the details!

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    Stay up to date with the latest insights on Walmart and more

    Did you catch Walmart and Target’s quarterly earnings report last week? Despite facing many of the same challenges, their profitability diverged drastically and Wall Street responded in kind. Did you know we produce a weekly roundup of news just like this? Subscribe to CommerceIQ CEO, Guru Hariharan’s weekly(ish) roundup of news he thinks you need to know about.

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    New eBook! Recover 1-5% of your profit

    Reducing and disputing shortage and chargeback claims on Amazon Vendor Central can be confusing and frustrating. Especially knowing you could be making 1 to 5% more revenue on sales for no fault of your own. In fact, a hypothetical brand that does $50M in cost of goods sold (COGS), will lose out on $4M in avoidable chargebacks and shortages. If you’re not taking any action or manually disputing these, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn more about what causes these and how to prevent them in our new eBook.

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    6 Fascinating Trends for Back to School 2022

    2022 marks the first year many students return to school in a largely post-COVID environment. Shoppers are on alert for deals amid the twin threats of prolonged inflation and imminent recession. The situation is no more stable on the retailer and brand side. Vendor margins are increasingly squeezed by rising costs and retailers refusing price increases. At CommerceIQ, we’ve gathered the results of some of the industry’s top back-to-school surveys to distill 6 trends we’re seeing this season.

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    Upcoming CommerceIQ Livestream: Retail media best practices

    Retail media is growing by USD 10 billion per year in the US with Amazon at the helm. As other retailers try to catch up, brands are furiously reallocating budgets and trade spend to make room for this powerful vehicle for shopper engagement.

    Join us to hear Tim Campbell, CommerceIQ’s Head of Industry Insights, on Thursday, noon ET, September 22, where he will break down brand best practices for retail media management.

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