CommerceIQ: 15% off your Pacvue or Skai contract

    May 26, 2023

    Hi there,


    Unlock the potential of your retail media advertising with CommerceIQ’s AI-powered platform and save over 15% off your Pacvue or Skai contract with the savings you’ll make with CommerceIQ. Leverage the strength of machine learning and automation across marketing, supply chain, and sales operations to gain a profitable market share.

    With CommerceIQ, you’ll gain:

    • Real-Time Insights: Get up-to-date reports on KPIs to make data-driven decisions instantly
    • Ongoing Optimization: Benefit from AI-driven actionable recommendations without the hassle of spreadsheets
    • Hourly Ad Spend Optimization: Automatically adjust bids every hour based on real-time demand and budget
    • Global Coverage – Deploy your advertising strategy via a single platform across top retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Safeway-Albertsons, Hyvee, and more

    Reply to this email or click the button below to experience the power of CommerceIQ’s unified platform in driving your retail e-commerce success.


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