🚀 Launching a new way to manage Retail Media!💰

    September 27, 2023

    It’s official—CommerceIQ’s new Incrementality Estimation Module has arrived!

    The new Incrementality Estimation Module standardizes retail media ROI across retailers through our proprietary iROAS metric and optimizes for incremental sales growth. As brands gear up for their most lucrative sales period of the year, we are happy to announce that the Incrementality Estimation Module for Retail Media Management is available now.

    To book a demo and learn about a free trial, visit us here

    Optimize in Real Time for Incremental Sales

    For the first time, understand the true incremental ROI of retail media investment, with a single metric across retailers. Historically, tool providers and agencies have used rudimentary proxies to measure past performance and optimize retail media performance – even referring to these as ‘iROAS’. These proxies are either inaccurate or incomplete.

    Partner with CommerceIQ for comprehensive, AI-based Incrementality optimization and measurement. After testing and refining our iROAS-driven campaigns for over a year, we are empowering our customers with comprehensive and proactive incrementality.  Take your brand from media mix planning to media mix automation at  Amazon, Walmart, Target, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Hyvee, Shoprite and more!

    🎯 Understand true incremental ROI of your retail media investment
    📈 Do data-driven media planning across retailers, ad types, SKUs and keywords

    🚀 Optimize for incremental sales in real time

    🏆 Reliably measure media performance and incremental growth across multiple retailers

    Schedule a consultation with our Retail Media specialists and discover how to leverage the new Incrementality Estimation Module to supercharge your incremental sales growth and stop subsidizing organic sales.


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