Introducing CIQ Unified Commerce Platform

    June 2, 2023

    Over the past few years, ecommerce teams have grown dramatically in size, data usage, and complexity. With increased economic uncertainty and limited consumer spending, alignment among Sales, Marketing, Finance & Supply Chain teams across multiple retailers and geographies is critical to drive market share and revenue growth.


     What ecommerce leaders are saying🎧

    • Tired of going 100mph to work through a disjointed tech stack, multiple contracts and efforts managing my eCommerce biz
    • Get my people out of the business of manually chasing shortages or building a poor man’s version of market insights in spreadsheets
    • Are my ads actually driving value, or do they just claim credit for an action that would naturally occur
    • Quick visibility across retailers like DoorDash and Instacart, with insights into availability, bundling, outages, and inventory gaps down to store level
    • Don’t give me insights alone, give me actionable recommendations with a “Trusted Single Pane of Glass”

        Unified Retail Ecommerce Management Platform

    Go beyond insights alone and receive prioritized recommendations and specific actions to improve operations, profitability, and sales.

    Stay tuned as we share more about our exciting Unified way of doing Retail Commerce over the next few weeks:

    1. Ecommerce Sales Management
    2. Retail Media Management
    3. Market Share
    4. Profit Recovery Automation
    5. Digital Shelf Optimization

    Florencia Schiavon

    VP of Sales at CommerceIQ


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