Introducing ESM Pro for Amazon Ecommerce Sales Management

    September 27, 2023

    Brands selling on Amazon face the challenge of fragmented data sets and tools across activities. Siloed data can misguide decisions.

    That’s why we built Ecommerce Sales Management (ESM) Pro, the one-stop-solution for enterprise brands on Amazon.

    ESM Pro

    🎯 Solve your biggest Amazon challenges

    ESM Pro integrates Market Share, Forecasting, and Customizable Reporting with Sales, Supply Chain, and Content Automations, resulting in a single source of truth.

    • Use Generative AI based content recommendations
    • Automatically discover, dispute and resolve suppressed ASINs, Andon Cords, remove 3Ps variants and identify lost buy box
    • Know market share and revenue down to the SKU level
    • Use AI-driven elasticity modeling to simulate sales lift on running promotions



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