Recover Revenue from Shortages on Amazon

    April 20, 2022

    CommerceIQ Launches Automation for Recovering Revenue from Shortages & Chargebacks on Amazon  

    Gain back revenue with 100% auto-disputes & a central source of truth 

    As your business on Amazon has grown, issues around shortages and chargebacks have probably also grown. Typically, a brand should not have more than 1% of their Shipped COGS in Shortages. However, more and more brands have shortages between 3 – 10% of their Shipped COGS. This has increased the cost of doing business on Amazon.

    Human-Driven recovery efforts fall short due to:

    • Many issues were never disputed – “not enough time”
    • Complex data collection and monitoring
    • Huge volumes (1,000s of shortages per year)
    • Confusing Amazon dispute processes


    Learn how a Fortune 500 House of Brands claimed back $1.9M in Shortages with over 1,600 disputes filed in 6 months.


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