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    May 9, 2024

    📖  State of Retail Ecommerce Apr 2024

    Introducing our latest release, the Apr 2024 Retail Ecommerce Industry Trends & Insights report packed with valuable insights for the industry as well as specific categories. Dive in to understand what happened in retail ecommerce in Q1 2024 and what to do in the rest of 2024.

     📰 Blogs

    What Impending AI Search May Mean for Digital Shelf Management

    Rufus is Amazon’s take on integrating GenAI in product searches. Think of it as “ChatGPT for shopping” on Amazon…. Read more

    Top 14 Retail Ecommerce Voices on LinkedIn To Follow

    We spotlight the top 14 individuals who not only earned their place as “LinkedIn Top Voices” earlier this year, but have also driven the retail industry forward…. Read more

    🗞️ Retail Ecommerce News

    🗞️ CommerceIQ in the News

    No more ‘just walk out’ at Amazon grocery stores. The new bet is smart shopping carts

    Guru Hariharan, CEO CommerceIQ, featured in this NPR coverage of Amazon’s “Just Walk Out”…. Read more

    Why Amazon’s Dash Carts might have a tough time finding customer buy-in

    Himanshu Jain, VP of Product at CommerceIQ, was quoted by Fast Company in this news piece…. Read more


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