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    June 8, 2023

    The Difference between Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) and Digital Shelf Optimization (DSO)


    As a 1P Brand selling over multiple retail channels, your day can become all-consuming just to ensure that your brand has the product that delivers the best value in terms of Stock, Ratings, Reviews, Price Points, Imagery, Content, Buy Box Ownership, Visibility (share of search), and more.


    Digital Shelf Optimization takes your Digital Shelf Analytics from insights to prioritized actions


    Digital Shelf Analytics will just tell you

    1. Issues with your product’s online appearance

    2. A competitor’s product looking better to consumers


    However, the onus remains on you and your team to fix this through disjointed ecommerce solutions, or by deploying a large team


    Digital Shelf Optimization is an Integrated DSA solution


    DSO tells you not only the latest situation about how your products are appearing over the online shelves, Amazon listings and various retail partners, but also gives you prioritized actions to continue to improve rankings and take over Page 1 Organically.


                       Digital Shelf Optimization (DSO)

    👾 Content Optimization

    Streamline workflows to fix broken content and use generative AI like ChatGPT to suggest content improvements referencing retailer guidelines, key category keywords to generate product descriptions that convert your shoppers.

    📊 Multi-location Insights

    Keep your online shoppers happy by spotting opportunities to improve assortment, availability, and fulfilment methods across multiple stores, geo-locations and at a store level. Identify regional gaps vs. competitors that may otherwise be missed.

    🌍 Integrated Market Share

    Diagnose the impact your content, reviews, share of voice, and other metrics have on sales performance. Quickly identify top drivers of share and SKUs that need your attention and protect your category leadership.

    Stay tuned as we share more about our exciting Unified way of doing Retail Commerce over the next few weeks:

    1. Digital Shelf Optimization
    2. Ecommerce Sales Management
    3. Retail Media Management
    4. Market Share
    5. Profit Recovery Automation

    Florencia Schiavon

    VP of Sales at CommerceIQ


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