The State of Retail Ecommerce 2023

    August 14, 2023

    🚀 Key Ecommerce Trends

    Today we publish the The State of Retail Ecommerce. This covers the first half of 2023. There are three key findings that stood out to us:

    1️⃣  Inventory levels have shown improvement, although they still fall short compared to the previous year. Brands are consciously keeping lower stock on hand, motivated by the goal of safeguarding cash and minimizing outdated inventory.

    2️⃣  There is an ongoing downward trend in unit margins, indicating persistent challenges to profitability that have persisted since the beginning of the year.

    3️⃣  The steady rise in price levels, coupled with a slight boost in unit conversion rates, is likely the reason behind the continued growth in ROAS despite the increase in CPCs over the past three months.

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