Your team is spending expensive hours on admin work

    June 1, 2023

    Unshackle Your Team’s Productivity

    Your employees spend most of their time on work below their pay grade

    Do you know how many hours your team spends on tedious administrative work? Their to-do lists are drowning in these types of activities, including:

    • Disputing shortages and chargebacks
    • Auditing and ticketing for unauthorized 3P variants
    • Manually reporting across fragmented systems

    Just ask them and they’ll also tell you how much they would rather be working on more strategic, value-added work.


    Automating these activities frees them of an average of 1.5-2K hours annually. This is the kind of win-win impact that keeps them from looking for greener pastures and rewards your profitability.


    Learn more about automating shortages and chargebacks in this eBook.


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