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Ecommerce Sales Management - Empower Your Brand with Unmatched Amazon Market Share Growth

Ecommerce Sales Management by CommerceIQ is the definitive solution for enterprise brands striving for Amazon market domination. Seamlessly integrating Market Share Forecasting, Customizable Reporting, Sales, Supply Chain, and Content Automations, Ecommerce Sales Management revolutionizes how brands maximize their Amazon potential.

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Transform Your Amazon Strategy with Ecommerce Sales Management

With Ecommerce Sales Management, you gain a consolidated view of your brand's performance.

  • Unified Performance Reporting: Seamlessly track and report your performance across sales operations and media metrics. Gain insights that power decisions and strategies for market dominance.
  • Profitability Management at SKU Level: Dive deep into SKU-level profitability analysis. Make data-driven decisions to enhance product performance and optimize your portfolio.
  • Market Share Growth: ESM Pro doesn't just measure market share; it helps you grow it. With actionable insights and strategic guidance, increase your presence and dominance on Amazon.
  • Detail Page Issue Resolution Automation: Automate the detection and resolution of detail page issues, ensuring your products always appear at their best.
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  • Content Automation at Scale: Produce and manage quality content effortlessly. ESM Pro’s automation ensures consistency and excellence across your product listings.
  • Automated PO Error Resolution: Eliminate manual processes in PO management. ESM Pro’s intelligent system detects and resolves errors, saving time and reducing operational overhead.
  • Streamlined Forecasting and S&OP: Say goodbye to manual forecasting. ESM Pro’s advanced algorithms provide accurate predictions, making your S&OP process efficient and reliable.
  • Competitive and Category Landscape Monitoring: Stay ahead of the curve by keeping a close eye on competitors and category trends. ESM Pro equips you with the intelligence to adapt swiftly to market changes.

A Note from Our CEO, Guru Hariharan

"As pioneers of Retail Ecommerce Management automations, CommerceIQ has consistently led the market in addressing complex ecommerce challenges. Our partnerships with leading brands have catalyzed remarkable ecommerce growth. In today's evolving economic landscape, these brands rely on CommerceIQ to spearhead market share growth, ensure profitable expansion, and optimize supply chain operations. ESM embodies our vision of providing an all-encompassing platform for brands to manage their entire retail ecommerce spectrum efficiently."

Guru Hariharan, CEO, CommerceIQ

Our Strategic Approach: Aligning Sales with Market Dynamics

Strategic & commercial priorities


Synchronize your sales strategies with market demands and consumer trends. Utilize predictive analytics for effective inventory management, pricing strategies, and promotional planning.

Specific focus linked to individual roles


Obtain actionable insights tailored to various roles within your organization. From sales managers to executives, enable every team member with data-driven guidance for impactful decision-making.

Clear process and ways of working


Seamlessly integrate insights into your sales processes, from product launches to strategic partnership negotiations. Ensure your sales tactics are in harmony with broader market opportunities.

eCommerce share growth


Achieve and exceed your sales targets. Our focus on key online sales drivers delivers measurable improvements in market share and profitability.

Why Choose CommerceIQ for Ecommerce Sales Management

  • Scale
  • Engagement
  • Platform Innovation
  • Security and Privacy

Our platform caters to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet diverse market needs. Experience the benefits of full-category data accuracy and flexibility.


A user-friendly platform designed for cross-functional teams. Benefit from customizable workspaces, dedicated client support, and comprehensive training.

Platform Innovation

Built on a modern tech stack, our platform is future-ready. Leverage effective APIs, integrations, and robust infrastructure for seamless operations.

Security and Privacy

We prioritize data security and privacy, adhering to the highest industry standards for data protection and user access control.

Hear from Our Clients

Discover how leading brands leverage CommerceIQ’s Ecommerce Sales Management to revolutionize their online sales strategies. From achieving significant market share growth to enhancing operational efficiency, our client testimonials highlight the transformative impact of our solution.


“By knowing Amazon’s profitability, I was able to pivot a funding request from my VM into a more holistic P&L discussion. This surfaced some freight opportunities. Using insights from CIQ, I was able to claw back 10bps in my terms negotiation.”

Director of Amazon, leading CPG Brand

Discover how CommerceIQ helps your team

“By applying real-time insights and automation to connect our sales and supply chain data, we are able to make our operations more efficient and enhance the consumer experience through improved in stocks, optimized share of voice and great site content. CommerceIQ helps us improve our supply chain proficiency, which results in accelerated growth and a lower cost operating model that allows us to invest back into our business.”

Jan Weller

Director, eCommerce, Henkel Beauty Care

Case Studies

Durable office goods supplier with $50M+ in annual Amazon revenue

  • Saved $400K by transitioning to CommerceIQ, consolidating SaaS partners into one efficient solution.
  • Achieved 45% profit recovery increase in 3 months via automated processes compared to prior.

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