How can ESM Pro help brands grow their Amazon market share?

    July 14, 2023

    ESM Pro offers a range of features and capabilities to help brands grow their Amazon market share, including:

    • Market Share measurement: Track and analyze your brand’s market share performance on Amazon.


    • Forecasting: Utilize advanced forecasting techniques to predict sales and demand, enabling better inventory management and fulfillment strategies.


    • Customizable Reporting: Generate detailed reports on sales, operations, and media metrics to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.


    • Sales Automations: Automate sales-related tasks and processes, such as resolving detail page issues and managing profitability at a SKU level.


    • Content Automations: Automate the creation and management of high-quality content at scale, ensuring consistent and engaging product listings.


    • Supply Chain Automations: Streamline and automate supply chain operations, including purchase order error resolution and reducing manual forecasting efforts


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