What sets CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution apart from others in the industry?

    July 14, 2023

    CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution stands out for several reasons:

    • Intelligence: The platform uses the brand’s own categorization instead of relying on the retailer’s categorization. Additionally, it employs deep machine learning to continuously identify and auto-categorize new SKUs, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
    • Accuracy: The solution incorporates category-specific modeling at the SKU level, leveraging data such as best seller rank, share of voice, reviews, and more. This granular approach provides precise Sales estimates at the SKU level, allowing brands to have a clear understanding of their performance.


    • Actionability: CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution offers comprehensive data in one view, enabling brands to analyze Market Share alongside other key metrics like Advertising, Availability, Promotions, and Share of Voice. This holistic view empowers brands to take actionable steps and make strategic decisions based on a complete understanding of their market positio


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