CommerceIQ’s platform allows brands to dynamically adjust search and display campaigns for ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) to maintain healthy inventory levels and avoid advertising low inventory or out-of-stock items.

By implementing assortment and retail-aware advertising opportunities, brands can optimize their retail media spend on Amazon and drive better campaign performance. CommerceIQ also provides tracking of spend and campaign performance by keyword, search term, and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

CommerceIQ provides several retail management capabilities for Amazon. These include Digital Shelf Analytics, where you can dynamically adjust the positioning of your digital shelves and optimize your Share of Voice on Amazon.

Digital Shelf Automation helps you receive timely out-of-stock (OOS) predictions, monitor third-party incursions, eliminate 3P variants, and take actions to correct unauthorized content and variation changes.

CommerceIQ also offers Retail Media Management, enabling assortment and retail-aware advertising opportunities, and Supply Chain Management, which connects supply chain and inventory data to drive actionable recommendations, streamline purchase order reconciliation, and track shipments and PO fill rate.

By leveraging the power of full-funnel advertising through CommerceIQ’s platform, you can attract new-to-brand customers and move them through the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages with a single platform.

This comprehensive approach helps increase brand performance on Amazon and allows you to measure the impact of your ad dollars with multi-touch attribution, ensuring that you are driving true incremental sales

Brands often manage ecommerce sales and retail media in silos, which can lead to wasted ad budgets and missed sales opportunities. Their ad spend may not be retail aware, resulting in decreased revenue and profitability.

Additionally, managing sales and retail media manually and in silos limits the ability to capitalize on the wealth of retail data available to target and move consumers across the funnel.

CommerceIQ offers an AI-powered ecommerce decision management platform to manage the algorithmic world of Amazon. By leveraging real-time data and algorithmic automations, CommerceIQ helps optimize your Amazon retail operations, save time, minimize revenue leakage, and capture consumers at the moment of purchase.

With their platform, you can effectively manage your Amazon business and drive growth on this critical channel.

CommerceIQ offers several benefits to 1P sellers on Amazon. It provides real-time data and analytics to help sellers make informed decisions and optimize their product listings, pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns.

It also automates various processes, such as inventory management, demand forecasting, and campaign optimization, saving sellers time and effort.

CommerceIQ’s campaign automation capabilities enable hourly bid rules, AI-driven automations, 24/7 keyword optimization, and budget maximization. These features ensure efficient campaign optimization and effective budget management for Walmart.

By leveraging automation and real-time insights, CommerceIQ helps retailers make data-driven decisions and achieve better results.

CommerceIQ offers several retail management capabilities for Walmart, including market analysis of paid and organic search landscape, shopper behavior, retailer algorithm nuances, and audience evaluation.

It also provides strategy building support for internal brand strategies, inventory and retailer-margin aware triggers, optimization for share of voice growth, and full-funnel (off-site to on-site) strategies.

Furthermore, CommerceIQ offers campaign automation with hourly bid rules, AI-driven automations, 24/7 keyword optimization, budget maximizer, and incrementality modeling. The platform also assists with performance measurement through ad KPI reporting, sales and share of voice measurement, search and display mix adjustments, and share of voice analysis.

Retail brands often face challenges such as fragmented data sets, lack of integration and coordination across different teams within the organization (retail media, assortment and content, sales strategy, supply chain, finance), and difficulty in understanding the true profitability factors including price, promotions, and operating costs.

CommerceIQ provides robust analytics, current insights, and actionable recommendations to drive sales, profitability, and overall business performance for your Walmart retail operation. By harnessing the power of CommerceIQ, you can unlock new growth opportunities, optimize your operations, and outperform rivals in the competitive Walmart marketplace.

With CommerceIQ as your partner, you can take charge of your Walmart retail operation and lead it to exceptional success.

CommerceIQ offers full integration with the Instacart API, allowing for seamless collaboration and enhanced advertising efforts. This integration supports featured products on homepage and category pages, search and item pages, post-checkout, and customer order history pages.

By utilizing the API, CommerceIQ can classify consumer searches into branded, category, or competitor keyword types, enabling them to better understand purchase intent. This understanding helps you optimize your campaigns and deliver more relevant offers to online grocery shoppers on Instacart.

Absolutely. CommerceIQ provides automation and optimization features to help you make the most out of your budget for Instacart advertising. Its platform allows you to set hourly bid adjustments to ensure your campaigns are live throughout the day.

Additionally, automatic budget optimization helps you adhere to pacing across all campaigns on Instacart. By leveraging bulk automation and optimizing campaigns based on your specific goals, consumer spending patterns, and keyword improvements, CommerceIQ helps you maximize the effectiveness of your budget and achieve better results on Instacart.

Yes, CommerceIQ offers automation features to streamline campaign management on Instacart. Its platform enables you to set rules and take bulk actions on campaigns, keywords, and ad groups. This automation saves you time and effort by allowing you to make bid adjustments, add items, and optimize outcomes quickly.

By automating repetitive tasks, CommerceIQ increases your productivity and allows you to focus on strategic aspects of your Instacart campaigns.

CommerceIQ provides tools and insights to track market share growth on Instacart. Its platform allows you to gain visibility into top-performing campaigns without manual analysis of advertising datasets.

This visibility helps you understand the performance of your campaigns, maximize your product’s discoverability, profitability, and market share.

With CommerceIQ, you can monitor and analyze your Instacart market share growth and make data-driven decisions to further enhance your success on the platform.

Yes, CommerceIQ can help you optimize your Instacart campaigns. Our platform categorizes campaigns based on keyword type (branded, category, competitor) and consumer journey search (search, browse, impulse).

This categorization enables you to make informed decisions and take actions such as adjusting budgets, pausing or unpausing campaigns, and targeting high-performing keywords and SKUs.

By providing recommendations and automation, CommerceIQ helps you make the most out of your Instacart campaigns and achieve better results.

Using CommerceIQ for market share growth on Instacart provides several key benefits. These include increased visibility into campaign performance, improved ad spend efficiency, reduced cost-per-click (CPC), enhanced targeting of online grocery shoppers, and the ability to gain a higher share of voice among your target audience.

CommerceIQ’s AI-enabled platform streamlines and automates various aspects of your Instacart advertising, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and achieve sustainable market share growth.

CommerceIQ offers industry-leading AI and retail-aware capabilities specifically designed to help businesses achieve profitable market share growth on Instacart. Our platform enables you to optimize your Instacart campaigns, automate actions, and manage your media budget in real time.

By providing recommendations, categorizing campaigns, and offering a convenient dashboard, CommerceIQ helps you make data-driven decisions to drive incremental sales and improve your return on investment (ROI) on Instacart.

CommerceIQ brings significant value to consumer packaged goods brands by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, industry-leading AI, and retail-aware capabilities.

These technologies help boost incremental sales, break through the noise of digital shopping platforms with effective ad campaigns, and make use of consumer searches to gain an advantage in understanding purchase intent.

By utilizing CommerceIQ, brands can optimize their online retail strategies, solve ecommerce challenges, and drive success in the competitive marketplace.

CommerceIQ offers retail operations management capabilities for consumer packaged goods brands. This includes identifying SKUs where unauthorized versions or identical products are being sold by third-party sellers.

It also allows efficient monitoring of shipment statuses to proactively manage delays and out-of-stocks. Additionally, CommerceIQ helps protect brands by automatically correcting unauthorized content on product detail pages and continuously monitoring them to maintain brand integrity.

CommerceIQ enables consumer packaged goods brands to monitor, analyze, and react to their digital shelves in minutes instead of months. With AI-powered analytics, brands can collect and analyze ecommerce data, gaining actionable insights into sales levels, profitable keywords, trending competitors, and out-of-stock orders.

This real-time visibility helps brands make informed decisions to optimize their digital shelves, recover lost revenue, and improve overall performance.

CommerceIQ empowers consumer packaged goods brands to make their advertising more effective and drive results in crucial areas such as increasing share of voice, revenue, and profit margins.

By unifying advertising data, strategies, and execution through machine learning and automation, CommerceIQ streamlines the management of ad campaigns.

Brands can optimize their advertising based on actionable insights, recommendations, and automation, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.

CommerceIQ helps consumer packaged goods brands streamline supply chain operations and reduce revenue loss. By removing manual tasks involving spreadsheets and siloed data, brands can optimize their supply chain processes.

CommerceIQ also addresses challenges such as shipping delays, purchase order discrepancies, and lack of inventory visibility by leveraging artificial intelligence. This enables brands to enhance their supply chain operations, improve bottom-line performance, and ensure efficient inventory management.

CommerceIQ brings significant value to electronics brands by providing solutions to neutralize revenue leakage and channel conflicts caused by unauthorized third-party (3P) sellers. It helps avoid wasteful advertising spend by monitoring consumer shopping behavior trends and provides tools to identify and resolve common problems in retail media.

With CommerceIQ, electronics brands can optimize their online presence, protect their brand reputation, and maximize revenue opportunities.

CommerceIQ enables electronics brands to take charge of third-party sellers. By utilizing deep category scanning and sophisticated machine learning models, CommerceIQ accurately identifies unauthorized and rogue 3P sellers. The platform tracks 3P listings and duplicates and automatically generates tickets for resolution.

This saves time and facilitates significant revenue recovery, protecting the brand’s revenue pie from exploitation by unauthorized sellers.

CommerceIQ helps electronics brands remove 3P variants added by unauthorized sellers to product detail pages. These variants can divert sales away from the brand’s own products, leading to revenue leakage and brand confusion.

CommerceIQ rapidly detects 3P variants and automates workflows to have these variations removed from platforms like Amazon on a daily basis. By eliminating 3P variants, brands can protect their sales, optimize advertising spend, and maintain control over their product listings.

CommerceIQ offers ad spend optimization capabilities for electronics brands. It allows brands to adjust bids for associated keywords on specific days of the week or during seasonal demand peaks.

Additionally, CommerceIQ enables competitor conquesting, where brands can promote their products in “sponsored products related to this item” when competitors are out of stock.

By collecting market signals and data points, CommerceIQ creates a single source of truth and automatically optimizes advertising spend across high-margin products, capitalizing on competitive brands’ stockouts.

CommerceIQ helps electronics brands streamline their supply chain operations by removing complex, manual tasks that are prone to errors. By leveraging AI-powered capabilities, CommerceIQ reduces shipping delays, minimizes purchase order errors, and avoids out-of-stock penalties.

By optimizing supply chain operations, brands can reduce revenue loss, improve online visibility, and enhance overall efficiency.

CommerceIQ enables electronics brands to monitor, analyze, and react to real-time data from their digital shelf. Through AI-powered analysis of ecommerce data, CommerceIQ provides actionable insights into vital metrics such as ordered product sales, revenue, and profits.

Brands can make data-driven decisions and take instant action to stay on top of their ecommerce performance, improve customer experience, and maximize their online success

CommerceIQ helps furniture and home goods retailers improve supply chain management by breaking down silos and consolidating data to gain visibility across different business units.

With predictive analytics, retailers can avoid revenue loss caused by out-of-stock (OOS) issues. The platform leverages automation and data from Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Retail Analytics to optimize supply chain operations.

CommerceIQ’s retail media management offers advertising automation to improve advertising spend efficiency and increase presence at the top of search results pages. Retailers can increase their share of voice (SOV) through automated actions that optimize bids, budgets, and ASIN status.

The platform also allows for bid and budget adjustments throughout the day, enhancing the conversion rate of search and display campaigns.

CommerceIQ employs machine learning automation to optimize and organize digital shelves in real-time. It enables retailers to adjust retail-aware pricing and advertising strategies on the fly.

By tracking significant predictors of profitable growth, such as SOV, unit conversion, consumer demand forecasts, and predicted out-of-stock, retailers can make data-driven decisions. CommerceIQ provides a single source of truth, streamlining operations and automating manual processes.

CommerceIQ’s digital shelf analytics empowers furniture and home goods retailers to monitor, analyze, and react to their online presence in real-time. With AI-driven insights, retailers can take immediate action based on sales levels, profitable keywords, and trending competitors.

The platform provides real-time information on out-of-stock orders, revenue loss, and lost Buy Boxes, enabling retailers to optimize their digital shelf performance.

CommerceIQ equips retailers with the necessary tools to stay ahead of the growth in online furniture purchases. By providing a single source of truth for customer, sales, and operational data, CommerceIQ offers visibility into predictive drivers of success.

Retailers can effectively track important metrics like Share of Voice (SOV), unit conversion, consumer demand forecasts, and predicted out-of-stock situations. Automation reduces manual work and allows retailers to address issues and seize opportunities in a timely manner.

CommerceIQ brings value to your Grocery and Gourmet Foods brand by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, industry-leading AI, and retail-aware capabilities. These technologies work together to boost incremental sales and optimize your online retail business in the competitive grocery market.

CommerceIQ enables your brand to run the most effective and successful ad campaigns in the digital grocery aisle. By leveraging advanced AI and data-driven insights, CommerceIQ helps you optimize your advertising strategies to reach and engage your target audience.

This improves your brand’s visibility and maximizes your impact in the competitive grocery space

Yes, CommerceIQ can help your brand understand consumer purchase intent. By analyzing consumer searches into branded, category, or competitor keyword types, CommerceIQ provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

This understanding allows you to tailor your marketing and product strategies to meet consumer needs and drive sales.

CommerceIQ provides omnichannel ecommerce capabilities specifically designed for Grocery and Gourmet Foods brands. These capabilities include inventory management, order fulfillment optimization, pricing and promotion optimization, and data-driven insights for demand forecasting.

With CommerceIQ, you can streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth across multiple online channels.

CommerceIQ equips your Grocery and Gourmet Foods brand with the tools and technologies needed to tackle the evolving grocery market.

By leveraging advanced AI, machine learning algorithms, and retail-aware capabilities, CommerceIQ helps you optimize your fulfillment strategies, offer competitive assortments, and meet the demands of online grocery shoppers.

This allows you to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the digital grocery landscape.

CommerceIQ provides tools to track the number of reviews and offers an instant view of assortment analysis based on reviews and ratings. By keeping tabs on review counts by SKU for any date range, brands can quickly identify areas for improvement in the customer experience, take action to collect more five-star ratings, and enhance overall brand performance.

CommerceIQ’s AI-powered PO reconciliation engine combines historical sales and product demand data with advertising traffic. By analyzing this data, CommerceIQ predicts inventory needs, reducing the likelihood of mismatch between demand forecasts and actual purchase orders.

This helps prevent over-ordering or over-sending, optimizing inventory management and improving overall efficiency

CommerceIQ helps ecommerce businesses avoid stock outs by accurately predicting sales demand, even during peak seasons. By utilizing AI-powered factors, CommerceIQ quantifies and predicts demand drivers, allowing you to improve forecast accuracy and make better-informed decisions regarding inventory restocking and managing seasonal changes.

CommerceIQ provides an efficient shipment tracker feature that consolidates all purchase orders (POs) into a single dashboard, tracking each PO’s lifecycle and providing daily updates. With the ability to filter discrepancies between shipped and received quantities, CommerceIQ streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual scraping of POs and ensuring smooth supply chain management.

CommerceIQ helps track inventory across the network of Fulfillment Centers (FCs), ensuring a quick order fill rate while minimizing the total number of units required to be kept in stock. By improving availability, CommerceIQ positively impacts your sales and profitability, allowing for better inventory management.

Yes, CommerceIQ aligns people, processes, and technology platforms to maximize ecommerce performance. By leveraging its solutions, you can make more decisions, better decisions, and faster decisions.

This leads to more incremental sales, higher profits, and a greater share of voice. CommerceIQ helps your ecommerce business stay on top by enabling you to keep up with the competition and make data-driven decisions.

CommerceIQ’s AI-powered technology allows you to leverage the power of AI to quantify and predict demand drivers. By accurately forecasting demand, you can ensure you stay in stock, maintain your rank, and avoid spending extra on advertising to regain position.

This helps protect your revenue and optimize supply chain management.

CommerceIQ’s Market Insights dashboard provides actionable data points and predictions of future sales, empowering you to make informed online advertising decisions across all retail channels.

By leveraging this dashboard, you can gain insights into successful advertising strategies and optimize your own campaigns to drive better results.

CommerceIQ helps improve purchase order reconciliation management processes by automating the workflow. This automation saves thousands of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) hours and reduces the risk of errors.

By leveraging machine-driven PO management, CommerceIQ helps protect your revenue from shortages and chargeback claims, ensuring smoother supply chain management and better customer satisfaction.

CommerceIQ’s shortage driver diagnostics helps brands identify the root cause of shortage disputes. By understanding the underlying factors leading to shortages, brands can take proactive measures to minimize them in the future.

This allows for the redeployment of resources to more valuable work. Over time, implementing these measures can help recoup lost EBIDTA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) and save over 1000s of hours of FTE labor.

CommerceIQ’s shortage control center provides complete visibility into shortage disputes and resolutions over time. With a consolidated dashboard displaying inputs from all shortage invoices and disputes managed by ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), brands have real-time insights into the progress of revenue recovery efforts.

This transparency maximizes the chance of revenue recovery and increases productivity by keeping you informed every step of the way.

CommerceIQ’s Profit Recovery Automation helps in disputing shortage invoices. It uses automation to compile supporting documents, autofill shortage dispute forms, handle submissions, and follow-ups for every single shortage invoice.

By adopting a machine-driven approach, CommerceIQ ensures that 100% of your invoices are disputed, providing full coverage of all disputes managed from start to finish.

Brands often experience avoidable shortages and chargebacks in ecommerce due to the manual and time-consuming process of document collection and reconciliation. Human-driven approaches struggle to keep up with the complexity of retail ecommerce, leading to disputes over a portion of overall shortages. CommerceIQ aims to address this issue with its automation and AI-powered solution

CommerceIQ’s automation and AI-powered solution can help recover lost revenue by streamlining the process of document collection, reconciliation, and dispute management. With efficient automated processes, advanced algorithms, and data-driven insights, CommerceIQ enables proactive measures to prevent losses and disputes, minimizing their impact on your bottom line

CommerceIQ monitors and identifies duplicate listings created by third-party sellers with inconsistent pricing and content. These duplicate listings can steal sales and create a poor brand experience. CommerceIQ automates actions to take down these duplicate listings, ensuring that the brand maintains control over its product offerings and avoids confusion for customers

CommerceIQ helps identify SKUs outside the first-party catalog that are being sold by third parties as variants on 1P (first-party) product detail pages. By automatically detecting these 3P variants, CommerceIQ creates tickets to remove the offending items.

This proactive approach to 3P variant removal can prevent revenue leakage of up to 2% and ensure better control over product listings.

With CommerceIQ, third-party seller management works by utilizing AI to continuously audit product pages. The platform detects various 3P infringements, including content changes, added variants, duplicate listings, and lost buy box status.

Automated actions are then taken against these infringements at scale, allowing brands to address violations efficiently and effectively.

CommerceIQ helps control product listings and branding with 3P management by providing AI-powered solutions. Its platform continuously audits product pages to detect 3P infringements such as content changes, added variants, duplicate listings, lost buy box, and other violations.

Automation is used to take actions against these infringements at scale, improving conversion rates and growing sales.

Search relevance is crucial in driving sales because a significant percentage of consumers start their product searches on platforms like Amazon. CommerceIQ helps you dominate the search by providing personalized recommendations and automatically refining allocation and bids on the keywords that matter.

By leveraging its retail-aware advertising engine, CommerceIQ helps improve search relevance, capture the consumer at the moment of purchase, and drive incremental sales with maximum efficiency.

CommerceIQ’s algorithmic platform optimizes search media spend by automatically correlating ad budgets and sales with other data points such as time of day, inventory levels, and peak demand.

By leveraging this data, CommerceIQ’s platform can make informed recommendations and adjustments to your search media spend, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and maximizing the efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

Conducting ad audits provides complete visibility into the performance and impact of your search media campaigns. It allows you to assess the effectiveness of your advertising strategies, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

Ad audits help you understand the return on investment (ROI) of your ad spend, improve ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and refine your advertising tactics for maximum impact.

CommerceIQ helps maximize share of voice by dynamically reducing spending in areas where the organic SOV is already strong. This approach allows you to reallocate budgets to products or keywords where the share of voice is weaker, ensuring a more balanced and effective advertising strategy.

By optimizing your SOV, CommerceIQ helps you dominate the search and increase visibility to potential customers

Search media management involves optimizing your online audience reach through robust data, insights, and reporting, along with machine-learning algorithms and automation.

By effectively managing your search media, you can improve share of voice (SOV) on top category keywords, leading to incremental retail sales. It also allows you to increase call-to-action (CTA) and return on ad spend (RoAS) by smart bidding, focusing your spending on areas that will have a higher impact

Search media management allows you to take your hands off the wheel and keep up with the speed and scale of competitor activity on ecommerce platforms. By utilizing robust data, machine-learning algorithms, and automation, you can stay competitive and adjust your advertising strategies accordingly.

CommerceIQ’s search media management capabilities enable you to respond to competitor actions effectively, ensuring your ad impact remains strong and relevant in the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce.

CommerceIQ tracks inventory levels and utilizes AI algorithms to predict items that are running low based on actual sales data. By alerting sellers when ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) have limited inventory, CommerceIQ helps them plan their supply chain, rectify purchase order issues, and redirect ad spend to other products that can meet customer demand.

This proactive approach minimizes the impact of out-of-stock situations and optimizes revenue potential.

CommerceIQ’s platform enables the monitoring of weekly POs for inaccuracies and discrepancies in critical ordering fields. The system automatically submits tickets to make corrections based on predefined rules.

By setting up automation against SKU ID, case size, case cost, and availability, CommerceIQ’s AI-driven capabilities reduce ordering discrepancies and improve PO fill rates, ensuring better stock availability.

CommerceIQ provides advanced AI-based capabilities to orchestrate actions across the supply chain, reducing out-of-stock occurrences. Our platform allows supply chain teams to forecast sales and shipments, track PO (Purchase Order) fill rates, audit purchase orders in real-time for data errors, and identify out-of-stock situations.

By rectifying supply chain issues and redirecting ad spend to available products, CommerceIQ helps mitigate revenue loss and improve overall performance.

Out-of-stock (OOS) issues can be extremely costly for online sellers. OOS problems lead to lost revenue due to reduced search ranking presence and lost page views. By effectively managing out-of-stock situations, sellers can recapture lost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain a strong online presence.

CommerceIQ enables sellers to quickly locate unavailable SKUs and identify relevant problems within days. The platform ranks out-of-stock and unavailable ASINs based on their revenue impact, allowing sellers to prioritize their attention and focus on resolving the most impactful issues.

Automated ticket submission streamlines the resolution process, helping sellers recapture lost revenue more effectively.

CommerceIQ’s Digital Shelf Analytics platform is designed to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses at scale. It offers accurate full category data, flexibility to accommodate various CPG market needs, unlimited user access, and robust reliability.

 CommerceIQ’s Digital Shelf Analytics platform offers a range of capabilities, including:

  • Content Optimization: Maximizing product potential with optimized content for the digital shelf


  • Share of Search Analysis: Boosting organic and paid search rankings by measuring brand performance against top performers


  • Pricing and Promotion Monitoring: Staying ahead of the competition by monitoring and adjusting pricing strategies


  • Retail Media Monitoring: Managing eRetail media performance to drive consumption and category growth


  • Availability and Assortment Optimization: Optimizing product assortment and managing stock availability on the digital shelf


  • Ratings and Reviews Analysis: Monitoring and leveraging product reviews to enhance the digital shelf marketing strategy

Digital Shelf Analytics aligns with strategic and commercial priorities, allowing businesses to link it to major initiatives such as innovation, revenue management, assortment reviews, and brand planning.

It provides specific focus areas for individual roles, ensuring relevance and actionable insights for various stakeholders involved in brand planning and strategy execution

 Some of the benefits of using Digital Shelf Analytics include:

  • Improved visibility and control over product performance across multiple ecommerce platforms and retailers


  • Enhanced understanding of consumer behavior and preferences


  • Optimization of product content, pricing, and promotions for maximum impact


  • Identification of opportunities to drive value and increase sales


  • Monitoring and management of brand reputation through ratings and reviews

Digital Shelf Analytics provides real-time insights and data on various aspects of the digital shelf, including content, brand messaging, compliance, pricing, promotion, availability, assortment, and ratings.

By analyzing this information, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their online product strategies, improve customer experience, and drive sales and profitability.

Digital Shelf Analytics refers to the process of monitoring and optimizing the online presence and performance of products across various ecommerce platforms. It involves tracking key metrics such as product content, search rankings, pricing, availability, ratings, and reviews to make data-driven decisions and drive profitable growth.

Yes, ESM Pro includes features that allow brands to monitor the competitive and category landscape on Amazon. Brands can analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and customer behavior to stay informed and make informed decisions.

This helps brands identify opportunities, adjust their strategies, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

ESM Pro provides tools and functionalities to track and manage profitability at a SKU level on Amazon. Brands can analyze sales performance, costs, and other metrics to understand the profitability of each SKU.

This information helps brands make data-driven decisions to optimize pricing, promotions, and overall profitability on the platform.

Yes, ESM Pro includes content automations that allow brands to automate the creation and management of product content on Amazon. This ensures that high-quality and consistent content is maintained across product listings at scale.

By automating content management, brands can save time and effort while delivering an optimized shopping experience for customers.

ESM Pro integrates various data sources and functionalities into a unified platform, creating a single source of truth for brands. This means that brands can access and analyze data related to their sales, operations, media metrics, market share, and more in one centralized location.

It eliminates the need for manual data collection and aggregation, providing a comprehensive view of performance and enabling more informed decision-making

ESM Pro offers a range of features and capabilities to help brands grow their Amazon market share, including:

  • Market Share measurement: Track and analyze your brand’s market share performance on Amazon.


  • Forecasting: Utilize advanced forecasting techniques to predict sales and demand, enabling better inventory management and fulfillment strategies.


  • Customizable Reporting: Generate detailed reports on sales, operations, and media metrics to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.


  • Sales Automations: Automate sales-related tasks and processes, such as resolving detail page issues and managing profitability at a SKU level.


  • Content Automations: Automate the creation and management of high-quality content at scale, ensuring consistent and engaging product listings.


  • Supply Chain Automations: Streamline and automate supply chain operations, including purchase order error resolution and reducing manual forecasting efforts

Ecommerce Sales Management (ESM) Pro is an all-in-one solution designed for enterprise brands to grow their market share on Amazon. It combines Market Share, Forecasting, and Customizable Reporting with Sales, Supply Chain, and Content Automations to provide a comprehensive platform for managing and optimizing Amazon sales operations

Absolutely. CommerceIQ provides automation and optimization features to help you make the most out of your budget for Instacart advertising. Its platform allows you to set hourly bid adjustments to ensure your campaigns are live throughout the day.

Additionally, automatic budget optimization helps you adhere to pacing across all campaigns on Instacart. By leveraging bulk automation and optimizing campaigns based on your specific goals, consumer spending patterns, and keyword improvements, CommerceIQ helps you maximize the effectiveness of your budget and achieve better results on Instacart.

CommerceIQ’s retail media management solutions go beyond traditional advertising approaches by being retail-aware. They are specifically designed to optimize advertising outcomes in the retail environment, where factors like share of voice and incremental sales play a critical role.

By leveraging advanced technologies and a deep understanding of the ecommerce landscape, CommerceIQ helps brands maximize their advertising impact, drive profits, and achieve sustainable growth in the evolving battlefront of ecommerce.

Yes, retail media management solutions are designed to improve advertising ROI on ecommerce platforms. By leveraging data, automation, and retail-aware strategies, these solutions help brands optimize their advertising spend, maximize visibility, and drive profitable outcomes.

By focusing on key metrics such as share of voice and incremental sales, brands can achieve better returns on their advertising investments and drive overall profitability.

Retail media management integrates data, strategy, and execution by leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning and automation. It starts with analyzing relevant data to gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and campaign performance.

Based on these insights, brands can develop data-driven advertising strategies that align with their retail goals. Finally, the execution phase involves implementing and optimizing campaigns using automation tools to drive results in the retail space.

CommerceIQ’s retail media management solutions offer several benefits, including:

  • Complete Visibility: Gain comprehensive visibility into your ecommerce operation, allowing you to monitor and analyze the performance of your advertising efforts.


  • Optimization of Share of Voice: Maximize your share of voice to ensure your brand is prominently featured in search results and advertising placements, increasing visibility and driving sales.


  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): CommerceIQ’s solutions go beyond just ROAS by focusing on driving profits and incremental sales, allowing you to achieve better advertising outcomes.


  • Data-Driven Strategy: Leverage data and insights to develop effective advertising strategies tailored to the retail environment.


  • Machine Learning and Automation: Harness the power of machine learning and automation to automate campaign management, optimize bidding and budgets, and drive efficient and effective advertising outcomes.

Retail Media Management leverages data-driven insights, machine learning, and automation to optimize advertising strategies and campaigns. By being retail-aware, brands can focus on driving results that matter in the retail environment, such as maximizing share of voice (SOV), increasing profitability, and driving incremental sales.

It ensures that advertising efforts align with retail objectives, leading to better outcomes and improved advertising ROI.

Retail Media Management is an approach that makes advertising retail-aware by integrating data, strategy, and execution with machine learning and automation. It enables brands to optimize their advertising efforts in areas that are crucial for driving results in the retail space.

The shortage control center offers complete visibility into shortage disputes and their resolution over time. With a consolidated dashboard that provides insights from all shortage invoices and disputes managed by ASIN, brands have a clear view of the status and progress of revenue recovery efforts.

This increased visibility enables better decision-making and allows brands to maximize their chances of revenue recovery. By staying informed every step of the way, brands can take proactive actions to resolve disputes and increase productivity in the revenue recovery process.

CommerceIQ’s shortage driver diagnostics analyzes the root causes of shortage disputes to minimize them in the future. By identifying the underlying factors contributing to shortages, brands can take proactive measures to address and mitigate these issues.

This helps minimize future revenue losses and allows valuable resources to be redeployed to more valuable work. Over time, the reduction in shortage disputes can lead to recouping lost EBIDTA and save significant hours of full-time employee labor.

CommerceIQ’s automation handles shortage disputes by automating the entire process. It compiles supporting documents, autofills shortage dispute forms, and handles submissions and follow-ups for every single shortage invoice.

With a machine-driven approach, CommerceIQ ensures that 100% of your invoices are disputed, providing full coverage of all disputes from start to finish. This automation saves time and resources while maximizing the chances of profit recovery.

CommerceIQ offers several valuable benefits for brands in terms of revenue recovery from avoidable shortages. These include:

  • Time-Saving Automation: Manual tasks like document collection and reconciliation are replaced with efficient automated processes, freeing up time and resources for other critical activities.


  • Proactive Dispute Management: CommerceIQ’s advanced algorithms and data-driven insights enable proactive measures to prevent losses and disputes, minimizing their impact and maximizing revenue recovery.


  • Scalable Solution: CommerceIQ’s profit recovery automation is designed to handle high transaction volumes and can scale to meet the needs of any consumer packaged goods brand, ensuring efficient and effective revenue recovery.


  • Real-Time Visibility and Analytics: Gain real-time visibility into profit recovery efforts through comprehensive analytics, empowering data-driven decisions for optimizing performance and maximizing revenue recovery.

Automation and AI provided by CommerceIQ streamline the process of recovering lost revenue from avoidable shortages. Through automated document collection, reconciliation, and dispute management, CommerceIQ saves valuable time and resources while ensuring that all shortage invoices are disputed.

This machine-driven approach enables proactive measures to prevent losses and disputes, leading to more efficient profit recovery efforts.

CommerceIQ’s shortage driver diagnostics helps brands identify the root cause of shortage disputes. By understanding the underlying factors leading to shortages, brands can take proactive measures to minimize them in the future.

This allows for the redeployment of resources to more valuable work. Over time, implementing these measures can help recoup lost EBIDTA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) and save over 1000s of hours of FTE labor.

CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution provides a comprehensive view of data by combining Market Share metrics with other key metrics like Advertising, Availability, Promotions, and Share of Voice (SOV).

This unified view allows brands to identify correlations and trends, empowering them to take action based on insights and make informed decisions. By having all the relevant data in one view, brands can optimize their strategies, allocate resources effectively, and drive growth in their market share.

CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution offers category-specific modeling at the SKU level. This means that brands can analyze their Market Share at a granular level, gaining insights into the performance of individual products within their category.

By providing Sales estimates at the SKU level, the solution enables brands to understand their market position with precision and make data-driven decisions to optimize their performance

CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution utilizes an “Always-on” categorization approach. This means that the platform uses the brand’s categorization, not relying solely on the retailer’s categorization, which may vary.

By leveraging deep machine learning, the solution continuously identifies and auto-categorizes new SKUs, ensuring accurate and up-to-date categorization for precise Market Share measurement.

CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution stands out for several reasons:

  • Intelligence: The platform uses the brand’s own categorization instead of relying on the retailer’s categorization. Additionally, it employs deep machine learning to continuously identify and auto-categorize new SKUs, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Accuracy: The solution incorporates category-specific modeling at the SKU level, leveraging data such as best seller rank, share of voice, reviews, and more. This granular approach provides precise Sales estimates at the SKU level, allowing brands to have a clear understanding of their performance.


  • Actionability: CommerceIQ’s Market Share solution offers comprehensive data in one view, enabling brands to analyze Market Share alongside other key metrics like Advertising, Availability, Promotions, and Share of Voice. This holistic view empowers brands to take actionable steps and make strategic decisions based on a complete understanding of their market positio

CommerceIQ offers an industry-leading Market Share measurement and optimization platform. This platform provides intelligent, accurate, and actionable insights by combining Market Share data with key metrics such as Advertising, Availability, Promotions, and Share of Voice (SOV) in a single view.

It enables brands to understand their market position and make informed decisions to optimize their performance.