Ka-Ching! GearUp Now for Amazon Prime Day and Holiday Shopping

    July 14, 2022
    Ka-Ching! GearUp Now for Amazon Prime Day and Holiday Shopping

    Nobody – not even Amazon – can predict how Prime Day in October will impact holiday sales this year.  But, for large consumer brands that weathered the Covid storm on Amazon, one thing they know for sure is that a good offense makes the best defense. Avoiding out of stock issues (and staying in the good graces of Amazon’s algorithms) while investing ad dollars on items that need a boost in search rankings will be table stakes as we enter unknown territory this shopping season. 

    Brands need all the help they can get preparing for the Q4 pile-up of offers, discounts and special deals. This buying period introduces a whole new level of complexity to ecommerce planning. Coordinating sales, inventory and ad spend will be one of the most challenging endeavors yet for consumer brands. Gearing up now with the right assessment tools and insights to make the right campaign decisions will pay dividends. 

    Don’t wait until October. The time is now to get your ecommerce strategy in order. It all starts with visibility. And, for a limited time, CommerceIQ is offering all marketing and ecommerce leaders a chance to try a new more automated approach to selling on Amazon with its free GearUp assessment. This offering applies the same proven technology and services approach used by brands like Logitech, Remington and Black + Decker who sell billions on Amazon.  In less than 21 days, this combination of services and technology will help you prepare for what is expected to be a hectic yet potentially highly profitable selling season. 

    CommerceIQ GearUp gives you a leg up on the competition with the following insights:

    • How shoppers are searching for products in your category
    • Your brands’ Share of Voice vs the competition, and where competitors might be vulnerable
    • Developing trends in your category
    • Recommendations on how to capture incremental revenue opportunity and eliminate wasteful ad spend

    GearUp helps consumer brands benchmark themselves against competition, identify search rank improvement opportunities, surface areas of previously unknown wasteful expenditure and get a detailed action plan for holiday success. By benchmarking and evaluating holiday readiness against the competition, these insights do make a visible difference, resulting in improved search rankings by up to 50% and media effectiveness gains by 20%.

    No worries if you use a media agency! We can utilize the assessment to audit their performance with CommerceIQ’s machine learning and automation insights and surface incremental opportunities and risks.

    Times have changed, so should your approach to ecommerce advertising and selling on Amazon. Before Covid, brands – particularly, hardline sellers of consumer electronics, toys, appliances and tools – could expect holiday to drive greater than 50% of online sales. This year, due to the close proximity of Prime Day with the holiday season, the demand shift from offline to online is expected to be even bigger. With the proper mechanisms in place, the time is now to make this the most profitable sales growth period of the year. 

    Contact us today to get started with GearUp at [email protected].


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