Lodge: Winning Assortment in the Pots & Pans Category

    June 27, 2023

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    Why is Lodge Winning on Assortment in the Pots & Pans Category? 

    Lodge ranks #1 on assortment in the Pots & Pans category, beating out leading brands such as Greenpan, cuisinart, Farberware and Blue Diamond, while fighting off challengers like Gotham Steel, Utopia Kitchen, T-Fal and Caraway.


    Product assortment allows you to maximize your total addressable market as a brand by capturing profits in niches within the category. 

    Measuring and improving your brand strength can be done by optimizing your media mix, which will help drive future growth in retail ecommerce. Let’s take a look at how to do this. 


    Measuring assortment strength requires Share of Voice data for your brand within each sub-category your brand sells in.

    While unrelated to the assortment score in our leaderboard, you should also play close attention to OPS and profitability by SKU to fully optimize your product selection. These metrics will help you determine which products are selling well and which ones need improvement, as well as give insight into how profitable each subcategory is for your business overall.


    Lodge has a deep product catalog which allows them to win in multiple subcategories. For example, within ovens it has the #1 SKU on Amazon.

    Lodge Regenerist itself is a strong sub-brand within the Lodge brand architecture and this hero SKU within the brand is supported by a thoughtfully constructed PDP on Amazon. 

    The PDP calls out high-volume keywords such as “Dutch oven”, “Stovetop”, “Pan Scrapers”, “Oven with Lid – Dual Handles” which helps it rank well organically on Amazon. 

    This is supported by it’s #2 position on overall Ad Incrementality, Availability Score, Content Score and Customer Sentiment. 


    If you’re interested in seeing how your brand is performing relative to the competition, CommerceIQ’s Category Leaderboard will show you not only your scores across these 8 metrics, but also offer recommendations on areas for improvement. 

    Reach out to CommerceIQ to get a free Category Leaderboard produced for your brand.


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