Cynthia Chen, President North America Health, Reckitt

April 11, 2022

How Cynthia Chen Became a 7x Cannes Lions Winner and Forbes Top 100 Business Woman  Today’s guest is Cynthia Chen, ​​President, North America Health at Reckitt.

Calling Cynthia’s career “impressive” is simply an understatement.

In addition to being named a Forbes Top 100 Businesswoman, Cynthia won 7 Cannes Lions Awards over a span of just two years for her work leading Oreo at Mondelez.

Guru and Cynthia discuss what the story was behind her amazing work at Mondelez, where she spearheaded an effort to bring real-time advertising to Oreo, creating 100 ads over 100 days, culminating in the iconic advertisement response to the Super Bowl blackout.

Since her time at Mondelez, Cynthia went on to be a VP at GSK and then was named Managing Director and CEO of General Mills China were she turned around the business from negative growth to double digit growth in just 2 years.

Today, she leads the North America Health team as President at Reckitt.

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