Hubert Joly, Former CEO of Best Buy

April 11, 2022

CommerceIQ regularly brings together senior business leaders in the e-commerce space to share their story or discuss a particular topic. Prior to the pandemic, these gatherings took the form of a lively dinner. Since we haven’t been able to meet in person, we’ve held these chats online, because it’s important to us to continue to play a part in building community among our industry’s leaders. The added benefit of an online venue is that our podcast audience is able to enjoy the conversion now, too.

When my team and I were thinking about who to bring in to help leaders think about navigating this post-pandemic world, we couldn’t think of a better person than Hubert Joly. Throughout his career, Hubert led a number of important business transformations, most notably that of Best Buy. Now he is a Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author of the recently released book The Heart of Business: Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism.

Our conversation with Hubert centered around three main topics: the behind-the-scenes of the incredible turnaround of Best Buy, Hubert’s inspiring leadership journey and philosophy, and how these two intertwined to create a lasting legacy at Best Buy.

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