Navigating Today’s Brand Growth Challenges w/ Gareth Turner

September 7, 2023

How can brands thrive amidst shifting consumer behaviors and inflation? In this conversation, our host Julia Glotz speaks to Gareth Turner, a CPG veteran and now owner of strategic marketing consultancy Big Black Door, who shares his wealth of knowledge and experience garnered from years of navigating the dynamic landscape of CPG branding.

From the rise of ecommerce to the ever-evolving consumer behaviors, Gareth delves into the core strategies that have helped CPG brands not only adapt but thrive in the face of change. Tune in to discover actionable insights and strategies as we explore the world of brand resilience, digital marketing, customer engagement, and the art of staying ahead in a competitive market.

Keywords: Brand strategy, brand awareness, ecommerce, consumer behavior, digital marketing, market research, digital shelf, shopper engagement, CPG growth strategies, brand marketing, FMCG brands, industry trends, online visibility

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