Retail Media Masterclass w/ Colin Lewis

September 28, 2023

This episode is dedicated to all things retail media. The rise of retail media is also transforming the relationship between buyers and suppliers, and the rules for how to navigate this exciting – but also potentially treacherous – new retail media landscape are changing all the time.

To make sense of this rapidly shifting market, brands need an expert guide – and that’s precisely who we have on the show today.

Our guest for this episode is Colin Lewis who brings deep knowledge and insight into retail media and will share with us what brands need to know to be one of the winners of the retail media revolution.

Keywords: Retail media strategy, retail media marketing, ROAS, brand strategy, brand awareness, ecommerce, consumer behavior, digital marketing, market research, digital shelf, shopper engagement, CPG growth strategies, brand marketing, FMCG brands, industry trends, online visibility.

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