CommerceIQ Launches New Revenue Recovery Automation to Reclaim Shortages and Chargeback Deductions and Improve Profitability

    August 4, 2022

    The addition of Revenue Recovery Automation software to CommerceIQ’s all-in-one Retail ecommerce Management Platform further drives ecommerce profitability, with a guaranteed 1 full point of profit margin improvement on Amazon within four months 


    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – August 4, 2022 – CommerceIQ, the leading Retail ecommerce Management Platform, today announced the launch of its new Revenue Recovery Automation offering, part of its single platform that combines intelligent automation and shopper insights to drive omnichannel profitability. With CommerceIQ Revenue Recovery Automation, brands can recover at least one percentage point of profit in their Amazon business within four months by automating recovery of shortages and chargeback deductions.


    “Building a profitable ecommerce business on Amazon can be especially difficult in today’s environment, and companies can not afford to leave any money on the table,”  said Guru Hariharan, CEO of CommerceIQ. “We are excited for our customers to discover the benefits of CommerceIQ’s new Revenue Recovery Automation software, which can help them combat shortages and chargebacks to reclaim significant profits for their ecommerce businesses.”


    In an analysis of CommerceIQ data, companies could be losing one to five percent of their total shipped cost of goods sold (COGS) annually on Amazon because of two main issues – errors in shortages and chargebacks. This can lead to a potential loss of millions at a time when competition, inflation, and supply chain issues are further straining profitability.


    CommerceIQ Revenue Recovery Automation software uses machine learning to help uncover the root cause and permanently stop sources of revenue and profit leakage. It automatically disputes erroneous shortage and chargeback claims, driving profit growth. The platform’s shortage control dashboard and chargeback portal establish a single source of truth, allowing customers to visualize their data, analyze and identify issues, and automatically take action. Key platform benefits include: 

    • More successful disputes: CommerceIQ enables users to dispute 100% of shortages, and can achieve a higher average resolution rate by eliminating human error.
    • Visibility through a single source of truth: the platform gives dashboard visibility into shortage disputes and resolution over time.
    • Fewer data discrepancies: Shortages and chargeback drivers are identified, which helps brands reduce them in the future. 
    • Less manual effort:  teams can be freed up to work on more value-driving projects. 


    Early customer adoptions of CommerceIQ Revenue Recovery Automation have seen positive results. One customer, a Fortune 500 food company, integrated its Amazon business with CommerceIQ, leading to $1.9M revenue reclaimed in 90 days by automatically filing triple the disputes, leading to 1% reclaimed COGS. The company’s resolution rate more than doubled from over this period, reducing costs and enabling teams to focus on more valuable work.


    CommerceIQ is confident its Revenue Recovery Automation software can improve Amazon profit margins by at least 1 full point within four months, and is offering a limited-time money-back guarantee. Visit here to learn more about this exclusive offer.


    To find out more about how your business can benefit from CommerceIQ Revenue Recovery Automation, check out the ebook Boosting Profit by Recovering Revenue at Amazon.


    About CommerceIQ 

    CommerceIQ is a leading Retail ecommerce Management Platform, unlocking profitable market share growth for consumer brands through intelligent automation. Its unified platform applies machine learning and automation across marketing, supply chain, and sales operations to help brands  boost share-of-voice (SOV), minimize out-of-stock (OOS), and prevent revenue leakage. With worldwide retail ecommerce growth expected to reach $7.4 trillion in 2025, mastering operational scale and unit economics through retail ecommerce channels is essential. Nestle, Colgate, Whirlpool, and more than 2,200 consumer goods leaders use CommerceIQ as the single source of truth for their retail ecommerce. CommerceIQ has raised $200 million from venture investors including Softbank, Insight Partners, and Madrona Venture Group. For more information, visit 



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