5 Brands Power Amazon’s Protein Category For Organic Share of Voice

    June 27, 2022

    The top five brands for organic share of voice in Amazon’s protein category shed 15% of their share last year. That means an already competitive and fragmented category got a little bit tougher as share of voice became more evenly spread among brands.

    This analysis focuses on organic share of voice for the top keywords in Amazon’s Protein L3 category. It highlights brand trends at the broad category level. Request a Demo for an in-depth look at how your brand can deploy AI and automation to keep pace with Amazon’s algorithms and drive your ecommerce performance.

    protein category top 4

    Optimum Nutrition, Orgain and Vega have been steady competitors the entire year for organic share of voice. Only Muscle Pharm has shown weakness as it dropped from challenging for the #1 slot, down to tied for #4.

    To look at this another way, we can chart the overall organic share of voice enjoyed by each brand vs. the net gain/loss. This enables us to segment the brands into quadrants. In the visual below brands in the top-right quadrant are the largest brands who also posted the greatest gains in organic share of voice. Those in the top-left own a large share of voice, but suffered a drop in 2019. The lower-left is where you don’t want your brand to be – a niche player losing share. The bottom-right quadrant shows us smaller brands who are ascending.


    The Protein category displays a typical pattern below the top 5 brands for organic share of voice. Within the 1-2% organic share of voice level and below we see Premier Protein, IsoPure, MuscleTech, Body Fortress, Dymatize and a number of other quality brands pulling a respectable organic share of voice. And this category in particular is quite concentrated for organic share of voice. There isn’t much distance between the top share of voice brands and the brands positioned in the “long tail”. Below you can see how the protein category stacks up against some of the other categories we’ve analyzed.

    protein category comparison

    It’s worth noting again that we’re of course looking at organic share of voice at the L3 level, so the metrics would change for each brand if we focus just on their niche/target keywords. We can get that for you, but it’s going to require a conversation. Please book a demo to learn more.


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