The Top 14 Retail Ecommerce Voices on LinkedIn You Must Follow

    February 12, 2024

    Retail is transforming, and LinkedIn sees it all unfold at a breathtaking pace as it brings together the industry’s top minds.

    Central to this gathering is the “LinkedIn Top Voices” program, which distinguishes individuals taking the lead in conversations across various sectors — retail ecommerce included.

    In our latest feature, we spotlight the top 14 individuals who have not only earned their place in this prestigious program but have also driven the retail industry forward through their innovative work, while captivating a wide audience on LinkedIn with their insights.

    In curating this list, we offer you an inside look at their backgrounds and impactful content.

    Dive into the profiles of these thought leaders below –


    Satya Nadella

    Chairman and CEO at Microsoft

    Steering the course of Microsoft, Satya Nadella offers a blend of inspirational leadership and technological foresight. Before taking the helm in 2014, he served a pivotal role in enhancing Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, setting the stage for the company’s transformative era. On LinkedIn, his posts are a masterclass on technological innovation and digital transformation, and a showcasing of Microsoft’s role in advancing these fields. As Nadella echoes the company’s ideals, he connects the dots between technology and its impact on human lives and organizations.

    Follow Satya Nadella on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Ramon Laguarta

    Chairman and CEO at PepsiCo

    Ramon Laguarta brings 21 years of experience to his insightful LinkedIn posts. His thought-provoking content on the food and beverage (F&B) industry covers everything from groundbreaking innovations to sustainable business practices and shifting consumer behaviors. Laguarta’s expertise in steering a global powerhouse through an evolving landscape makes his content as refreshing as it is profound for anyone fascinated by the future of retail and ecommerce. 

    Follow Ramon Laguarta on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Todd Kaplan

    CMO at Pepsi

    Todd Kaplan has been at the forefront of Pepsi’s marketing revolution as its CMO, infusing the brand with a fresh, culture-centric approach that’s sparked significant growth for the company since 2018. On LinkedIn, Kaplan captivates with posts that blend updates on Pepsi’s innovative campaigns with personal insights and industry reflections. His engaging storytelling extends to discussions on marketing wisdom, his career path, and key takeaways from his and others’ speaking events, making his page not only entertaining and colorful, but valuable for those looking to dive into marketing with an experienced guide.

    Follow Todd Kaplan on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Doug McMillon

    President & CEO at Walmart Inc.

    Doug McMillon is celebrated for his dynamic leadership, guiding Walmart through significant changes in the retail industry. With a three-decade journey within Walmart culminating in his current leadership role, McMillon is a staunch advocate for a people-first, innovation-driven retail ethos. Through his LinkedIn content, McMillon spotlights Walmart’s focus on empowering its team, harnessing technological advancements, and engaging with the community. His posts demonstrate his dual commitment: driving corporate success while making a meaningful impact on society.

    Follow Doug McMillon on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Mark Clouse

    CEO at Campbell Soup Company

    As a former military captain and helicopter pilot, Mark Clouse has smoothly transitioned to spearheading Campbell’s, and now resonates with a LinkedIn audience keen on the food industry. His LinkedIn presence offers a window into his personal journey and the strides that Campbell’s is making in retail. Aside from reflecting his leadership philosophy, Clouse’s content also serves as a wellspring of knowledge on guiding high-performing teams, showcasing his journey from the cockpit to the C-suite in a compelling, relatable way.

    Follow Mark Clouse on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Andy Jassy

    President and CEO at Amazon

    Andy Jassy, the architect behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its CEO for about five years, succeeded Jeff Bezos as Amazon’s CEO in 2021. In the world of retail, where Amazon’s immense presence is always in focus, Jassy brings a fresh and substantial viewpoint. His LinkedIn content touches on everything from Black Friday tactics and Amazon’s breakthroughs in AI, to the company’s collaborative ventures and community activities. Followers can then expect to receive a deeper understanding of Amazon’s multifaceted role in shaping retail and technology landscapes. 

    Follow Andy Jassy on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Rod Little

    President & CEO at Edgewell Personal Care

    Rod Little has been the CEO of Edgewell since 2019 and has over two decades of significant experience in driving results in well-known organizations like P&G, Elizabeth Arden, and HSN. His presence on LinkedIn highlights the company’s growth trajectory, its community initiatives, and the formidable team orchestrating this success. Additionally, he sheds light on the latest trends in the personal care industry, offering his followers a view of the broader dynamics and a peek into Edgewell’s role within the sector.

    Follow Rod Little on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Daniel Lubetzky

    Founder of KIND Snacks

    A social entrepreneur, Daniel Lubetzky is passionate about using business to combat hate which causes divisions in society. Beyond his multi-billion dollar health and wellness brand, his appearances on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and the accolades he received for his advocacies all add to his illustrious profile. His content on LinkedIn is not only captivating, but also deeply reflective and attuned to global dynamics, a product of his diverse and rich background.

    Follow Daniel Lubetzky on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Harley Finkelstein

    President at Shopify

    Shopify, a pioneer in providing online platforms for retailers, has seen its influence swell with millions of companies utilizing its all-in-one ecommerce solutions. This success is paralleled by the ascent of its president, Harley Finkelstein, recognized in both Canada’s and Fortune’s Top 40 Under 40. On LinkedIn, he showcases the culture and developments at Shopify, and shares insights on ecommerce, tech advancements, and broader economic trends. He also supports Shopify merchants and entrepreneurs by highlighting valuable resources on the platform.

    Follow Harley Finkelstein on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Dirk Van de Put

    Chairman and CEO at Mondelēz International

    Dirk Van de Put brings an exemplary wealth of experience from his roles at Groupe Danone, Novartis, and McCain Foods Ltd to his current position as CEO of Mondelez International. He regularly shares updates on Mondelēz’s performance and initiatives, and relevant trends in the confectionery and snacks industry. Along with these updates, Van de Put punctuates his content with posts about sustainable business practices and a celebration of the company’s inclusive workforce – a nuanced perspective on leading a global company.

    Follow Dirk Van de Put on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Mark Schneider

    CEO at Nestlé 

    Mark Schneider, with a seven-year stint as CEO at Nestlé, and 27 years of leadership experience in various organizations prior, actively shares the narrative of Nestlé’s growth and internal dynamics on LinkedIn. Mark generously shares insights into the global operations of Nestlé and delves into broader developments, including the implications of AI and environmental challenges that leaders today must navigate. His posts on LinkedIn go beyond updates and offer glimpses into the thoughts of a global leader.

    Follow Mark Schneider on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Mike Roman

    Chairman of the Board and CEO at 3M

    Under Mike Roman’s leadership, 3M has seen a remarkable growth spurt, with one-third of its total sales materializing in the past five years, a period that aligns with his tenure as CEO since 2018. Roman has been with 3M for three decades now and has climbed from a senior design engineer position to the top of the corporate ladder. Through his LinkedIn, Mike charts the company’s progress, particularly in line with these pillars: Portfolio, Transformation, Innovation, and People & Culture, and reflect the strategic underpinnings that have propelled 3M’s success.

    Follow Mike Roman on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Nicolas Hieronimus

    CEO at L’Oréal

    With an impressive 37-year tenure at L’Oréal, Nicolas Hieronimus, has risen through significant ranks, including GM of L’Oréal Paris and President of L’Oréal Luxe, to now leading as the sixth CEO in the history of the L’Oréal Group. On LinkedIn, he actively celebrates the milestones of L’Oréal, often expressing his appreciation for the company’s team leaders and partners. Beyond professional updates, his posts occasionally offer a glimpse into his life, inviting his followers to connect not just with the brand’s successes but also with his leadership style and personal passions.

    Follow Nicolas Hieronimus on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


    Guru Hariharan

    CEO at CommerceIQ

    Our own Guru Hariharan is a visionary with an extensive 15-year journey in ecommerce. Having made significant strides during his time at Amazon and eBay, he continues to drive thought leadership and significant innovations at CommerceIQ. On LinkedIn, Guru delves into the significance of AI in ecommerce, analyzes interesting and timely resources, and offers leadership wisdom, notably through his ‘Leaders in REM’ podcast. His updates not only illuminate CommerceIQ’s forward momentum but also equip his followers with insights on the broader shifts within the industry.

    Follow Guru Hariharan on LinkedIn.

    Key reads from his page:


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