Big Pet Food Brand solves suppressed listings en masse

    July 3, 2023

    Brand with over $100 million in annual Amazon revenue


    The brand faced a recurring issue on Amazon, where their SKU listings were regularly suppressed, resulting in a negative impact on sales and brand visibility. Discovering and resolving these suppressed listings often took up to 14 days, causing further delays in addressing the problem. Unfortunately, the brand lacked the necessary time and resources to expedite the resolution process for suppressed listings, ultimately resulting in lost revenue opportunities.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    Key Feature – ecommerce Sales Automation: By leveraging AI and automation, the brand was able to do the following:

    • Automatically file tickets within hours of listings getting suppressed on Amazon.
    • Quickly identify if legitimate suppressions where the result of inventory or compliance issues, allowing them to address the problem
    • Leverage a single source of truth for ecommerce sales operations, performance, and forecasting


    Pet Food Brand stems revenue leakage with automated ticketing

    In less than three months..

    • $428K of revenue leakage prevented by flagging and ticketing unavailable SKUs.
    • 37% of all filed tickets were resolved immediately, effectively preventing sales leakage. The remaining tickets provided valuable insights into the underlying causes.
    • 40+ cases were identified where the brand had insufficient inventory to meet demand, enabling strategic course corrections to be made.


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