Building retailer relationships using data

    September 22, 2021
    Building retailer relationships using data

    Learn how a leading food brand built a strong retailer relationship using the e.fundamentals category insights.


    To accelerate its online category growth, a leading food brand turned to e.fundamentals to help make their processes for sharing category insights across the business more efficiently.

    The brand also wanted to ensure frontline teams would know how to drive actions from these insights quickly, and how these can be used to build a more collaborative relationship with Morrison’s, a major UK retailer.


    The e.fundamentals Customer Success team and the manufacturer set up a ‘virtual team’ that consisted of super users across 5 separate business units and representatives from 7 retailer sales teams. Once the commercial objectives were aligned, a number of workflows were set up to ensure the delivery of each.

    Using the e.fundamentals platform the brands’ super users worked with the retailer to showcase:

    1. Improvement areas for product content
    2. Actions to increase share of search
    3. Category growth insights


    The approach of creating workflows significantly improved how the manufacturer’s teams received and actioned the category insights from the e.fundamentals platform. The virtual team managed to establish a structure whereby actionable insights were shared with the retailer quickly and at scale.

    Being able to show data points against suggested actions e.g. to change imagery or adjust key search terms , enabled the brand’s frontline teams to build a strong, collaborative relationship with the retailer.

    So much that the retailer went on to request further insights. Many of the actions recommended were implemented immediately and the brand was invited to be part of future category taxonomy discussions across key categories.


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