Driving Crucial Digital Shelf Updates

    April 12, 2024


    A leading provider of children's snacks established Gold Standards and principles for their brand’s portfolio. Once complete, the brand used CommerceIQ’s Digital Shelf tool to identify where these standards were not met.

    The Challenge

    • Some retailers’ systems make changes to products and taxonomy difficult.
    • The children's snacks company identified opportunities to enhance the shopping experience for consumers at various retailers
    • At Tesco, their portfolio was incorrectly categorized as 'Toddler Biscuits', leading to confusion
    • At Asda, their products were poorly presented, indicating room for improvement
    • Bringing this opportunity to life for their retailers was crucial to align and implement updates with together.

    Influencing Tesco Taxonomy Changes


    The team used CommerceIQ Data correlated with market sales data to make a series of requests to Tesco, recommending the creation of new sub-categories.


    The market leader in children's snacks excels in baby and toddler snacks. Thanks to strong relationships with NAM buyers and the 'Category & Shopper First' approach of the children's snacks company's Category team, Tesco implemented the suggestions.

    Sub-categories added or renamed to align with the company's product portfolio

    In addition to fixing mapping errors, multiple products were dual-listed in food sub-categories

    New Naming Convention at Asda


    Priority was to improve accessibility for the children's snacks company's products on, where product titles desperately required updates.

    The children's snacks team presented this as an opportunity to partner with Asda to improve shopper experience.

    By highlighting key consumer search terms failing to yield results on, the company's team was able to call attention to product sales the retailer was missing out on.


    Asda adopted the recommended Gold Standard naming conventions suggested by the company, incorporating consumer-relevant terms such as 'Baby Finger Food' into the product titles

    The children's snacks company's share of page 1 on ‘Baby Finger Food’ went from 40% to 100%*

    Share of page 1 on ‘Finger Food’ went from 7% to 37%, over 5x increase

    Comprehensive Results

    By crafting a compelling narrative that benefits the retailer, significant progress was made by the company in Tesco and Asda.

    The approach was consumer first, then category, then the children's snacks company. By using this approach, it resonated with the retailer and lead to improvements across the board.

    The benefit to the company came in clear visibility gains, which in turn powered significant sales growth.

    The company's growth on estimated at >50% and growing ahead of total category based on panel data.

    Preliminary EPOS data suggests the children's snacks company’s snack sales on have grown +13%, which is ahead of the +9% growth for the category over the same period.


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