Furniture Brand overcomes ecommerce Software Brand to Consolidate Tech on One Platform

    July 3, 2023

    Furniture brand with over $300M in annual revenue on Amazon


    The brand expressed concerns about their advertising expenses, feeling that there was room for more efficient cost-cutting if they had the necessary knowledge of where and how to make those adjustments. They also found limitations with their previous platform in terms of scalability and the ability to consolidate their technology stack beyond retail media. This prompted them to seek a solution that aligned with their desired goals for expansion. In addition, they lacked clear insights into strategic improvements for retail media performance and other areas such as shortage recovery, digital shelf analytics, and ecommerce sales operations.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    Key Feature – Integrated Platform: By putting retail media management in the same platform as supply chain profit recovery, digital shelf analytics, ecommerce sales operations, and competitive market insights, the brand could…

    Have complete visibility into the most powerful performance drivers of their business

    ● Automate bidding, campaigns, budgets and more to optimize retail media strategy in real-time

    See where they stack vs. the competition in their category for Share of Voice


    Brand invests in data-proven keywords to gain Share of Voice

    In Q1 2023…

    • +4% increase in Ad Conversion (14-day attribution) compared to the previous period, even when compared to holiday seasons.
    • 680K automations executed over a 30-day period, aimed at maximizing efficiency.
    • +21% Total Share of Voice increase for the entire brand compared to the previous period.


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