Furniture Brand Overcomes ecommerce Software Brand to drive more Retail Media Efficiency

    July 3, 2023

    Furniture brand with over $300M in annual revenue on Amazon


    The brand had concerns about their advertising expenditure and believed that there was potential for efficient cost reduction if they could identify the areas where cuts could be made. While they were already testing a retail media solution, they were uncertain about the effectiveness of the sponsored search technology component. Additionally, the brand felt that the solution they were piloting did not provide the scalability and consolidation capabilities they desired for their broader technology stack beyond retail media.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    Key Feature – Market Insights: By tracking Share of Voice at the category, customizable digital shelf, and even individual keyword level vs. top competitors, the brand could not only view their reach at a granular level but could also identify the most incremental opportunities to grow ad efficiency by…

    • Leveraging best-in-class sponsored search tech to drive results aligned with Market Insights
    • Targeting strong opportunities that underperform organically to maximize sponsored incrementality
    • Adjusting bids hourly to optimize for real-time efficiency


    Brand invests in data-proven keywords to gain Share of Voice

    In three months

    • +4% increase in Ad Conversion (14-day attribution) compared to the prior period, despite comparison against holiday periods
    • 680K automations performed over a 30-day period to maximize efficiency
    • +21% increase in Total Share of Voice for the entire brand compared to the prior period.


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