How we drive hypergrowth with global clients

    November 17, 2022
    How e.fundamentals drives hyper growth with global clients

    Delivering digital shelf analytics, optimization and support for global markets.


    A global client sought CommerceIQ’s digital shelf analytics solutions to migrate away from a rigid one-size-fits-all supplier.

    The consumer brand identified several requirements: provide digital shelf analytics and optimization that allows for the data and support to be tailored to each of the client’s brands across individual markets, recognize of the variations and complexity of the regional retailer landscape, provide a dedicated support framework characterized by flexibility and expertise to help the brand’s local teams achieve its commercial goals while collaboration across market teams.


    • Establishing Governance – Instilled process to invite collaboration, pace and one source of communication to all teams and markets. Identifying how markets can adapt and measure global benchmarks according to the team’s capabilities. Jointly developing and delivering a clear, multi-market implementation plan.
    • Client Information Hub – Identified training requirements, establishing a regular cadence of skills development sessions. Building a central learning and knowledge sharing hub to provide varying stakeholders a single touch point for collaboration, sharing best practice and insights to drive ecommerce growth.
    • Centralised Project Management tool – Implementing a dedicated project management and progress tracking tool to help establish priorities for market and divisions while providing global visibility of the wider company roadmap to all stakeholders.
    • Tech and workstream alignment – Ensure the technical requirements (accuracy, PIM integration and tailored database coding) are aligned to the commercial needs of the client and work streams support the specific job roles of individuals ensuring full service integration into typical routines.


    An international client wanted to move away from a uniform digital shelf analytics solution. As a uniquely flexible and global solutions provider, CommerceIQ understands the complexity of large, multi-national organizations and the support required for it’s brands to be adequately assisted locally in line with global guidelines.

    CommerceIQ’s rigours process not only delivered digital shelf strategy alignment and consistency in execution, but also created new ways of working fostering stronger collaboration and task prioritisation. CommerceIQ exceeded the client’s initial RFP scope: the adaptation of the service and support has resulted in adoption of the digital shelf analytics and optimization platform within additional global business units. The client has now identified an ecommerce opportunity globally of £23m.


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