Office Product brand Consolidates and Saves on its tech stack

    July 3, 2023

    Durable office goods supplier with $50M+ in annual Amazon revenue


    The brand recognized untapped growth potential for their Amazon business but faced limitations with their existing SaaS partners. These partners relied on human-based resources to manage the business, resulting in inadequate insights and control. The complexity of the business, combined with the involvement of multiple partners and external touchpoints, made it challenging to manage cohesively. Additionally, the lack of an easily accessible analysis platform further hindered their ability to gain comprehensive insights. Moreover, the brand found themselves dedicating excessive time and effort to routine tasks such as shortage disputes and manual bidding adjustments, further highlighting the inefficiencies in their current processes.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    • Key Feature – Single Source of Truth: By letting CommerceIQ manage sales operations, supply chain analytics, shortages, chargebacks, retail media, and the digital shelf with one platform, the brand could understand their business and see where opportunities existed to grow sales and profit.
    • Key Feature – AI Automation: The brand gained access to real-time, AI-driven automations like hourly bidding adjustments, 100% shortage dispute coverage, and many more more, all happening without a need for human intervention, freeing up the team’s time and energy for more strategic tasks.


    Brand disputes ALL Shortages immediately and automatically

    After switching to CommerceIQ

    • $400K saved by the brand through a new contract with CommerceIQ, achieved by consolidating multiple SaaS partners into a single solution.
    • 45% increase in profit recovered from shortages within the first 3 months compared to the prior period, utilizing automated processes.
    • +16% growth in Share of Voice achieved in less than 2 months compared to the previous period.


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