Office Product brand saves time and recovers more from Shortages

    July 3, 2023

    Durable office goods supplier with $50M+ in annual Amazon revenue


    To address shortages, the brand relied on an external vendor who employed costly and labor-intensive methods to manage the problem. However, the brand faced challenges as they had limited visibility into the vendor’s process. They lacked insight into the root causes of the shortages and had no visibility into the disputed items and those that were not. Despite the substantial investment made in the vendor’s services, the brand was unable to gain a comprehensive understanding of the shortage resolution process.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    Key Feature – Profit Recovery Automation: By leveraging AI and automation, the brand was able to do the following:

    • Dispute ALL shortages with automation as they occur after Amazon Smart Match with no manual input needed
    • Leverage a single source of truth for shortage claims, disputes approvals, resolution rates, and more tracking
    • Use Root Cause Analysis to prevent problems from recurring


    Brand disputes ALL Shortages immediately and automatically

    In three months

    • 45% increase in profit recovered from shortages, all through automated processes, within the first 3 months compared to the prior period.
    • 4.7x more shortage dollars disputed with significantly reduced human effort invested compared to the previous 3-month period.
    • Over $100k of profit recovered in 3 months, with 88% of the recovery achieved through methods other than Smart Match.


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