Partnership for Effective Global Ecommerce Management

    October 31, 2023

    Securing the Future of PepsiCo’s Global Ecommerce Management


    PepsiCo’s global team sought the next level of omnichannel ecommerce management to address the fragmented ecommerce landscape

    • Patchwork of KPIs & Reporting: Inconsistent KPIs across patchwork of local providers with varying capabilities
    • Incomplete Coverage & Functionality: Patchy retailer/store level data with varying retailer metric standards & methodologies
    • Fragmented Account Management: Data inaccuracies and incomplete coverage reduced confidence in previous tools, leading market users to develop manual workarounds

    Partnered Solutions

    PepsiCo & CommerceIQ workshopped solutions to make sense of fragmentation and empower market teams with actionable, trustworthy tools

    • Single Source for Global Benchmarking: Unified analytics with multi-level business roll-up capabilities delivering consistent reporting
    • Business Critical Functionality: Filled gaps in coverage, including modality reporting and location based analytics
    • Re-Energized Users with Confidence: Created a custom data transparency dashboard & onboarded over 500 users across North America, Europe, Central & South America, and Asia-Pacific.


    ““Granularity is super-important to PepsiCo…[CommerceIQ’s] coverage is great and they were able to provide exactly what we needed…Slick user interface and intuitive dashboards…More people are now utilizing DSA data, and they have confidence that the data is accurate

    Michael Gold

    PepsiCo Strategy & Ecosystems


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