Pet Brand recovers millions from Amazon with automation

    July 3, 2023
    How e.fundamentals drives hyper growth with global clients

    Case Study: Pet food supplier with over $250 million in revenue on Amazon


    Dealing with shortages, even if they would eventually be approved, can be a time-consuming process when done manually. This manual handling of shortages results in missed opportunities to maximize revenue. Unfortunately, the vendor did not dispute shortages on Amazon, leading to a significant number of potential tickets going unfiled. As a consequence, valuable revenue that could have been recovered was left unclaimed.


    CommerceIQ’s integrated retail ecommerce platform

    Key Feature – Profit Recovery Automation: By leveraging AI and automation, the brand was able to do the following:

    • Dispute ALL shortages with automation as they occur after Amazon Smart Match with no manual input needed
    • Leverage a single source of truth for shortage claims, disputes approvals, resolution rates, and more tracking
    • Use Root Cause Analysis to prevent problems from recurring


    Brand was able to find and fix source of many shortages

    For 9 months..

    • $1.67M: Revenue recovered in phase 1 of the dispute process alone
    • 51.8%: Approval rate over 9 months, with a particularly high rate right after activation, effectively resolving low-hanging fruit
    • ~1200: Number of shortages disputed, with a significant surge in the first two months of CommerceIQ activation to address older shortages


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