Toy Brand integrated retail media to improve ad spend at Target

    July 3, 2023

    Toy manufacturer with over $2B in annual revenue


    Target’s Criteo media platform differed from Amazon and Walmart as it lacked the capability for brands to track performance by keyword. All campaigns on the platform were automatically generated, making it challenging for brands to identify high-performing keywords or determine if any were being overlooked. Additionally, Criteo did not initially provide the option for Target vendors to bid on individual keywords. Although a new feature allowed the manual addition of new keywords to auto campaigns, performance tracking remained a limitation.


    Key Feature – Retail Media Management: By leveraging AI and automation, the brand was able to do the following:

    • Bring performance tracking across retailers into one single source of truth that enables sharing of best-in-class practices
    • Adding best performing keywords from other retailers like Amazon and Walmart to automate campaigns at Target via Criteo’s new “add keyword” feature


    ROAS soared after connecting proven keywords across retailers

    Within first 2 months leading into the holidays…

    • 102% ROAS growth, reaching $4.98, attributed to the addition of keywords
    • +46% ROAS growth during Cyber5 week compared to the previous week, reaching $5.14
    • +0.66% increase in CTR, equivalent to a remarkable 191% growth, from 0.33% to 0.99%
    • Improved ROAS by connecting successful keywords across different retailers


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