Amazon Q4: top line, bottom line and free cash flow continue to grow

    Guru Hariharan CEO of CommerceIQ
    February 23, 2024

    Amazon continues to grow TOP LINE, BOTTOM LINE and FREE CASH FLOW all in concert with one another.

    The impressive nature of these figures speaks for itself, showcasing remarkable performance.

    What are the key drivers of this growth?

    • A 26% increase in advertising revenue has been achieved, primarily propelled by the growth of Sponsored Products, which was observed to rise by +60% YoY in December 2023.
    • Emphasis remains on inventory placement and optimization, facilitating faster delivery at reduced costs.
    • Consistent profit growth is maintained across all three segments: North American Retail, International Retail, and AWS.


    What are the key strategic takeaways?

    The most valuable aspect in the study was found to be the Q&A of Amazon’s earnings call, as it was observed to tip the hand of what may become massive new business lines for Amazon in the near future.


    According to CEO Andy Jassy, Amazon’s entry into the category appears to be performing exceptionally well.

    The comments made by him, implying potential strategies for further enhancing shoppers’ health outcomes, are indicative of the significant impact this could have on fueling the Amazon flywheel.

    By comprehending the medications utilized by shoppers, Amazon may be positioned to initiate recommendations for other over-the-counter (OTC) or lifestyle products (e.g., specific vegetables, books, exercise equipment, etc.) that could contribute to achieving improved health outcomes.

    Amazon is positioned as one of the few retailers capable of executing this effectively, leveraging the extensive access to data at their disposal.

    Generative AI

    Amazon’s participation in GenAI does not rely solely on consumer-facing deployments of the technology.

    What is often overlooked is Amazon’s leadership in the backend development of generative AI chips, models, and infrastructure to empower Generative AI for numerous other businesses.

    It is reported by Amazon that Generative AI has the potential to become a $100 Billion Annual Revenue business for them in the future.

    This does not include the incremental sales benefits that are also cited to be realized in their consumer-facing deployments of generative AI technologies.

    Upon reading the Q&A, there is insufficient time in the day to fully understand the depths of Amazon’s technological strengths and the advantages it provides the company in the era of generative AI.


    Guru Hariharan CEO of CommerceIQ


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