Ratings & reviews on the digital shelf

Monitor your digital shelf product reviews and use them to optimize your digital shelf marketing strategy.

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digitla shelf analytics ratings & reviews

Rating and review insights

Identify the underperforming products, understand the impact on shoppers and your product visibility in ecommerce.

  • Monitor digital shelf product reviews
  • User-influenced product content
  • Competitor ratings and reviews
Monitor digital shelf product reviews

Use shopper reviews frequently to adjust and optimize your digital shelf marketing strategy

Monitor digital shelf product reviews

360° Monitoring

Take advantage of an at-a-glance dashboard summarizing shopper ratings and reviews at all levels, from category to SKU, and from own label to branded. This feature highlights average scores and star ratings across SKU groups and your retailers. Check this data also for your top 5 competitors.

Review Deep Dive

Drill deep into each product to see and respond to specific shopper comments left against your products. Use these insights to improve brand visibility or as an alert to review manipulation activity.

User-influenced product content

Showing your shoppers that you care about their feedback helps build brand loyalty.

User-influenced product content

Build shopper trust

Get notified when your product has a new rating or review, understand the sentiment and escalate if needed. Respond and act on feedback to fuel your future brand ambassadors.

ecommerce-first new product launches

Launch a product on the digital shelf and see shopper reactions almost in real-time. Use the insights to course-correct initial assumptions from the development phase.

Competitor ratings and reviews

Understand how your category competitors are being rated. Their reviews might spark ideas for how to improve your SKUs.

Competitor ratings and reviews

Understand how your category competitors are being rated

Competitor ratings and reviews

Benchmark and take inspiration

Monitor how your competitors’ SKUs are being reviewed and how shoppers are using them. These insights might spark ideas for how to improve SKU details at your end. Having access to your top 5 competitors allows you to benchmark your brand visibility as the shopper sees it.

"Several studies confirm that not only shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, they’re also having a real impact in changing their buying decisions. With automated insights, shopper marketers can stay at the front foot with their marketing efforts knowing exactly which part of the content or even product to improve.”

Amanda Critchely

Customer Success Director

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