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Get a clear understanding of what is driving ecommerce sales and find ways to position your brand on top. Sidestep challengers and third parties who may try to gain competitive advantage. Use CommerceIQ to understand the landscape and develop an ecommerce branding strategy that has the strongest potential of attracting customers and growing sales.

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How CommerceIQ establishes a data-driven branding strategy

Increase searches for your own branded terms by boosting your share of voice and capturing the customer at the moment of purchase relying on CommerceIQ’s single source of truth.

Avoid the damage to brand equity caused by third-party variants, inaccurate content and aggressive advertising by competitors.

Monitor your brand reputation by limiting advertising to in stock items, reduce out of stock errors, and promote trust across omnichannel retail platforms.

CommerceIQ Capacities for Branding Professionals

Retail Operations Management

Digital Shelf Analytics

Retail Media Management

  • Automatically detect changes and non-compliance on your ecommerce pages. Automatically re-syndicate content as you update your CMS. 
  • Manage third-party variants and duplicates that can negatively affect your brand
  • Reduce out of stock issues that drive consumers to your competitors
Develop data-driven branding strategy
  • Monitor share of shelf and the metrics that matter to your brand equity
  • Integrate marketing, sales and operations data for a single source of truth and get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of branding campaigns
Uncover opportunities to strengthen your brand
  • Use Market Insights to understand competitive ad spend behavior by ad type, share of voice growth, and keyword trends.
  • Unlock automations and efficiencies using built-in integrations to all major retail media platforms
Enhance your brand with content creation

Case Studies

Recovered $756,439 in Revenue in a 12-Month Period

  • Prevented $1.115 million in annual revenue leakage.
  • Reduced time taken to diagnose and resolve issues by 50%.

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Increased Top-3 Organic SOV by 75%

  • Prevented $108,000 in revenue leakage.
  • Recaptured 2% of total annual sales with a 53% increase in glance views.

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Case Studies
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Boost your ecommerce branding strategy with CommerceIQ

Leverage machine learning, analytics and automation holistically across supply chain, marketing and sales operations to accelerate your brand growth with online retailers.